9 Best E Bikes Under 3000 (May, 2023)

Best EBikes Under 3000 are becoming everyone’s favorite nowadays. According to my observation, e-bikes are loved not only by adventurers but also by kids and elders. I always wondered what makes everyone obsessed with these bikes. But their obsession is justified, you know why? Because of the comfort and ease, an e-bike can provide to … Read more

10 Best 30 Mph Electric Scooters (May, 2023)

Best 30 mph Electric Scooters

30 mph electric scooters are considered fast enough to be used for practice sessions. These are usually motorized skateboards, with long range and high speed, making the process even more enjoyable. I have been using them ever since and would say they are the best alternative for pleasant physical activity. So, if you are planning … Read more

10 Best 1000w Electric Bikes (May, 2023)

Best 1000w Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have come a long way from big bulky machines with limited power to super convenient commuters with a lot of power and range. There have been some ultra-powerful e-bikes hitting the market lately. 1000-watt electric bikes are considered a sweet spot between power, range, and convenience. E-bikes with this power rating offer luxurious … Read more

10 Best Vintage Style Bikes (May, 2023)

Have you delved into the popular fever of vintage bikes? Throughout my years of riding bikes, old-style vintage bikes are one of my favorites, largely because of their aesthetic value and unique construction. These alternatives are perfectly suited for daily commutes, given the fact that they are simple to operate and include a lot of … Read more

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes Under $300 (May, 2023)

Are you tired of riding a regular bike? Well, I present you with the ten best electric bikes and their features. You must know that electric bikes help you to stay fit, ride in rough areas, and are safer than regular bikes. Electric bikes consisting of modern technologies have made our life easy. Although these … Read more

10 Best E-Bikes for Heavy Riders (May, 2023)

Best E-Bikes for Heavy Riders

Electric bikes are getting popular because of their affordable price range, small size, and interesting features. However, there are so many riders that find themselves unable to enjoy these rides because of their weight. If you are one of them with 250lbs+ weight, don’t worry as there are so many best E-bikes for heavy riders. … Read more

What Electric Bike Has the Longest Range

What Electric Bike Has the Longest Range

Whenever someone mentions the word Electric Bike, the very first image that pops up in our minds is something like those electric scooters we see in the videos. But hold that thought just there, that is not what an Electric Bike is. Now just imagine a regular cycle or bicycle which we all have in … Read more

7 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 (May, 2023)

Hybrid bikes are bikes that are not only reliable for smooth surfaces but are also appropriate and adequate for sandy beaches and sloppy hills. These are the most versatile types of bikes that can be used for both professional and everyday transportation purposes. It’s basically a great combo of the mountain and a road bike. … Read more

10 Bikes for 300 Lbs Women (May, 2023)

As a heavy woman, I have always found it challenging to find the right bike, be it for mountain adventures or day-to-day commutes. However, after years of research and experience, I would say it is quite possible as you just need the right set of specifications. I have been obese and wanted to ride bikes … Read more

5 Best 50mph Electric Scooters (May, 2023)

Best 50mph Electric Scooters

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality 50 mph electric scooter? Electric scooters are revolutionary vehicles because in the age of gas price chaos and global warming carbon hikes electric scooters are the best option. These electric scooters operate on lithium-ion batteries. There are different benefits to these scooters. First of all these scooters … Read more