Where Catrike Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 13, 2024


Catrike is a well-known name in the world of recumbent trikes, renowned for their premium quality and innovative designs. Founded by Paulo Camasmie in 2000, Catrike quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of recumbent trikes in the United States. With its headquarters located in Winter Garden, Florida, Catrike has been producing exceptional trikes that offer a unique and enjoyable riding experience. In this article, we will delve into the history of Catrike and explore where their bikes are made.

History of Catrike

Catrike was born out of Paulo Camasmie’s passion for cycling and his desire to create a more comfortable and efficient riding experience. Having experienced the joy of riding recumbent trikes, Camasmie decided to develop his own models to share this excitement with others.
Where Catrike Bikes are Made and History?

In 2000, Camasmie established Catrike and introduced their first model, the Speed. This trike quickly gained popularity for its lightweight construction, exceptional performance, and sporty design. The Speed became the foundation for what would become an incredible lineup of recumbent trikes. Over the years, Catrike continued to push the boundaries of innovation, developing new models that catered to different riding preferences and needs. Their lineup expanded to include models like the Trail, Road, 700, Expedition, Pocket, Villager, and Dumont. Each model is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide riders with an unparalleled experience.

Where are Catrike Bikes Made?

Catrike takes pride in manufacturing their recumbent trikes in the United States, specifically in their factory located in Winter Garden, Florida. This allows Catrike to closely monitor the production process and maintain their high standards of quality. By keeping production local, Catrike ensures that each trike is meticulously crafted with attention to detail.
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The Winter Garden factory showcases Catrike’s commitment to excellence. Skilled craftsmen work diligently to assemble and fine-tune every component of the trikes. From the frame construction to the installation of drivetrain and accessories, each step is completed with precision. This dedication to quality control guarantees that every Catrike that leaves the factory is built to perfection.

Catrike’s Innovative Features

Catrike’s success can be attributed not only to their commitment to quality manufacturing but also to their continuous innovation. They have introduced several innovative features that set their trikes apart from the competition. One notable feature found in most Catrike models is their patented Space Frame design. This advanced frame geometry optimizes the weight distribution, resulting in better stability and control. It also enhances the trike’s overall strength, ensuring a sturdy and durable ride. Another distinctive innovation is Catrike’s Folding Trail feature, available in select models. This foldable design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it convenient for riders who need to transport their trikes frequently. The folding mechanism is engineered for quick and seamless folding, without compromising the structural integrity of the trike. Catrike also places a strong emphasis on rider comfort. Their ergonomic seats are designed to provide optimal support and reduce strain on the back and neck. Adjustable seat angles and positioning further enhance rider comfort, catering to different body types and preferences.


Catrike has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the recumbent trike industry. Their dedication to crafting exceptional trikes, coupled with constant innovation, has earned them a loyal following among cycling enthusiasts. With their manufacturing base in Winter Garden, Florida, Catrike ensures that each trike is meticulously constructed to deliver a superior riding experience. Whether you’re seeking adventure, speed, or simply a comfortable ride, Catrike has a model to suit your needs. Experience the joy of recumbent triking with a Catrike.