Where Dawes Cycles Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 14, 2024


Dawes Cycles is a renowned bicycle brand that has been around for over a century. With a rich history and a reputation for producing high-quality bikes, Dawes Cycles has become a popular choice among cycling enthusiasts worldwide. This article will delve into the origins of Dawes Cycles, where their bikes are made, and the key milestones in their history.

Where Are Dawes Cycles Bikes Made?

Dawes Cycles, with its roots in England, still maintains its manufacturing facilities in the heart of the United Kingdom. The company takes great pride in its heritage and continues to produce a significant portion of its bicycles in-house. This hands-on approach ensures that every Dawes bike is built with the utmost attention to detail and undergoes thorough quality control measures.

The History of Dawes Cycles

Where Dawes Cycles Bikes are Made and History?

The story of Dawes Cycles dates back to 1926 when the company was founded by Charles Dawes and his three sons – Freddie, Denis, and Jack. Initially, Dawes Cycles focused on manufacturing high-quality frames, which were highly regarded by professional cyclists in the 1930s. These frames became the foundation on which the success of the company was built.

In the 1950s, Dawes Cycles expanded its production to include complete bicycles. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and using the best materials available, Dawes bikes gained popularity among recreational cyclists. The brand’s reputation continued to grow, resulting in increased demand for their bicycles.

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During the 1970s and 1980s, Dawes Cycles witnessed significant growth in the cycling industry. They embraced the demand for various types of bikes, including touring bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and children’s bikes. Dawes responded to these market trends by expanding their product range and constantly improving their designs and technologies.

In the 1990s, Dawes Cycles introduced their Discovery range, catering to the emerging market of hybrid and commuter bikes. This range combined the comfort and convenience of a city bike with the durability and ruggedness of a mountain bike. The Discovery range became a hit among urban cyclists seeking a reliable and versatile ride for daily commuting and recreational outings.

Today, Dawes Cycles continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing cycling landscape. They have expanded their product range to include electric bikes and gravel bikes, keeping up with the latest trends and demands of cyclists around the world.

Milestones in Dawes Cycles’ History

1930: World Class Frames

In the 1930s, professional cyclists highly regarded the frames produced by Dawes Cycles. Their frames were renowned for their precision engineering and superior performance. This early success set the stage for the brand’s future as a reputable bicycle manufacturer.

1950s: Complete Bicycles

Recognizing the growing demand for complete bicycles, Dawes Cycles expanded their production to include fully assembled bikes in the 1950s. These bikes combined the same quality frames with carefully selected components, offering cyclists a high-quality and reliable riding experience.

1970s-1980s: Embracing Market Trends

In response to the evolving preferences of cyclists, Dawes Cycles diversified their product range in the 1970s and 1980s. They introduced touring bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and children’s bikes, catering to a wide range of cycling enthusiasts. By adapting to the market trends, Dawes established itself as a versatile and reliable brand.

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1990s: Discovery Range

In the 1990s, Dawes Cycles introduced their Discovery range, which blended the features of a city bike and a mountain bike. This innovative range gained popularity among urban cyclists who sought a comfortable yet durable ride for their daily commutes. Dawes continued to refine and expand this range to meet the changing needs of urban riders.

Present Day: Electric Bikes and Gravel Bikes

Keeping up with the latest cycling trends, Dawes Cycles has embraced electric bikes and gravel bikes in their product lineup. Electric bikes offer environmentally friendly and energy-efficient transportation options, while gravel bikes cater to those seeking adventure on off-road terrains. Dawes remains committed to providing cyclists with reliable and innovative bikes.


Dawes Cycles, a reputable bicycle brand with a long-standing history, continues to produce high-quality bikes in the United Kingdom. Their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and diversification has made them a preferred choice among cycling enthusiasts worldwide. From their humble beginnings as frame manufacturers to their current lineup of electric and gravel bikes, Dawes Cycles remains at the forefront of the cycling industry.