Where Ellis Briggs Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 16, 2024


Ellis Briggs Bikes is a renowned bicycle manufacturing company that has a rich history dating back several decades. Specializing in handcrafted bicycles, the company has gained a loyal customer base worldwide. This article will delve into the origins of Ellis Briggs Bikes, their manufacturing process, and the quality bikes they produce.

The History of Ellis Briggs Bikes

Ellis Briggs Bikes was founded in 1936 by Mr. Percy Ellis and Mr. Thomas Briggs. Their shared passion for cycling led them to establish a workshop in a small town in West Yorkshire, England. Initially, they focused on bicycle repairs; however, their expertise soon attracted attention, and they began custom-building road bikes too.

As word spread about the exceptional quality of Ellis Briggs bicycles, the demand for their craftsmanship grew exponentially. By the 1950s, the company had established a significant presence in the cycling community and started exporting their bikes to other countries.

Over the years, Ellis Briggs Bikes has gained recognition for their excellent frame-building skills. They have worked with professional cyclists, including winners of the prestigious Tour de France, further enhancing the reputation of their brand.

Where Ellis Briggs Bikes are Made and History?

The Manufacturing Process

Ellis Briggs Bikes take pride in their meticulous and traditional approach to manufacturing bicycles. Every step is executed with precision to ensure the production of supreme quality bikes that meet the highest standards.

The process begins with the selection of premium materials, typically lightweight steel and carbon fiber. These materials are chosen for their durability, ride quality, and ability to withstand various terrains. The company carefully sources these materials to ensure consistency and reliability.

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Once the materials are obtained, the craftsmen at Ellis Briggs Bikes put their expertise to work. Frame-building is a critical aspect of the manufacturing process. Skilled artisans carefully cut and shape the metal tubes to create the foundation of the bicycle. This manual craftsmanship ensures that each frame is tailored to the customer’s specifications.

After the frame is built, it undergoes a precise welding process. The welds are meticulously inspected to ensure strength and structural integrity. Once the frame is complete, it is thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected for any imperfections.

Next, specialized tools and techniques are employed to add components such as the handlebars, wheels, gears, and brakes. Each component is carefully selected for its quality, compatibility, and performance. The assembly process is carried out with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that all components fit together seamlessly.

Finally, each Ellis Briggs Bike undergoes a series of rigorous quality control tests before leaving the workshop. These tests include checking the alignment of the frame, testing the functionality of the components, and ensuring smooth operation on various terrains.

Where Ellis Briggs Bikes are Made Today

Since its inception, Ellis Briggs Bikes have been proudly manufactured in West Yorkshire, England. Despite the growth in demand and popularity, the company has remained loyal to its roots by keeping production within the same region where it all began.

The choice to maintain local manufacturing plays a significant role in Ellis Briggs’ commitment to producing high-quality bicycles. By overseeing the entire manufacturing process in-house, they ensure complete control over every aspect of production, resulting in finely crafted bicycles that meet the highest standards.

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Not only does keeping production local allow Ellis Briggs Bikes to preserve the traditional methods and craftsmanship that define their brand, but it also supports the local economy by providing jobs and sourcing materials from nearby suppliers.

Furthermore, the close proximity between the manufacturing facility and the design team enables prompt collaboration and a seamless flow of ideas. This synergy contributes to the development of innovative designs and continuous improvement in the quality of their bikes.


Ellis Briggs Bikes has a profound history rooted in the craftsmanship of creating fine bicycles. With decades of experience and an unwavering dedication to quality, the company has established itself as a global leader in handcrafted bike production. By maintaining local manufacturing and adhering to traditional methods, Ellis Briggs Bikes continues to produce bicycles that are cherished by cycling enthusiasts around the world.