Where Genesis Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 17, 2024


Genesis Bikes is a prestigious bicycle brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a rich history spanning several decades, Genesis has established itself as a leader in the cycling industry. This article explores where Genesis bikes are made and provides insights into the brand’s history.

Genesis Bikes Manufacturing

Genesis Bikes are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom, specifically in the city of Sherborne, Dorset. The brand takes immense pride in maintaining a local production facility, ensuring high-quality control and craftsmanship. By manufacturing their bikes in-house, Genesis can closely monitor every step of the production process, from design conception to the finished product.

Investing in local manufacturing has allowed Genesis Bikes to retain a skilled workforce and maintain a close-knit relationship with suppliers and partners. By sourcing components and materials locally, the brand contributes to the growth and sustainability of the British cycling industry.

Where Genesis Bikes are Made and History?

A Brief History of Genesis Bikes

The genesis of Genesis Bikes can be traced back to 2004 when it was first established as a subsidiary of Madison, a renowned distributor of cycling products in the UK. With a passion for cycling and an understanding of rider needs, Genesis set out to create bicycles that deliver exceptional performance and cater to various riding disciplines.

Over the years, Genesis Bikes grew in popularity among cyclists seeking reliable and high-performing bicycles. Their commitment to quality and innovation led to a dedicated following of enthusiasts and professional riders alike.

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Innovative Designs and Technology

Genesis Bikes has always been at the forefront of design trends and technological advancements in the cycling industry. The brand continuously strives to push boundaries and create bikes that excel in performance, comfort, and durability.

One notable feature of Genesis Bikes is their use of steel frames. Steel frames offer a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and ride quality, resulting in a comfortable and responsive cycling experience. Genesis has perfected the art of steel frame construction, making them a go-to choice for cyclists who appreciate the classic feel of steel.

Additionally, Genesis incorporates cutting-edge technologies into their bikes, such as carbon forks and disc brakes, to enhance performance and safety on the road or trail. These features ensure that Genesis Bikes deliver optimal control, speed, and maneuverability.

Genesis Bikes’ Range of Models

Genesis Bikes offers a diverse range of models catering to a wide spectrum of riders. From road bikes to gravel bikes, mountain bikes to adventure bikes, Genesis has something to suit every cyclist’s preferences and demands.

The brand also produces specialized models designed for specific terrains and disciplines. For example, their line of road bikes includes options for competitive racing or endurance riding, while their mountain bikes cater to downhill racing, cross-country trails, and everything in between.

Community and Sponsorship

Genesis Bikes actively engages with the cycling community and sponsors various events and teams. Their commitment to supporting cycling extends beyond manufacturing bicycles. The brand collaborates with professional cyclists and grassroots organizations to encourage participation and promote the sport.

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Through sponsorships, Genesis Bikes helps nurture talent and develop the next generation of cycling champions. Whether it’s supporting local races or partnering with professional teams, the brand actively contributes to the growth and development of the cycling community.


Genesis Bikes’ commitment to local manufacturing, innovative designs, and community engagement has solidified its position as a renowned bicycle brand. From their manufacturing facility in Sherborne, Dorset, Genesis produces a wide range of high-quality bicycles that cater to the diverse needs of cyclists. As they continue to evolve and innovate, Genesis Bikes remains a top choice for cyclists seeking exceptional performance and craftsmanship.