Where Gnome et Rhône Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 17, 2024


Gnome et Rhône was a French motorcycle manufacturer that operated from 1919 to 1959. They were known for producing high-quality bikes that ranged from small scooters to powerful motorcycles. This article will explore the history of Gnome et Rhône and examine where their bikes were made.

Early History

Gnome et Rhône was established in 1919 in Gennevilliers, France, by the merger of two successful aviation engine companies, Gnome and Le Rhône. The company’s primary focus initially was on producing aircraft engines, but they ventured into motorcycle manufacturing in the early 1920s.

Their first motorcycle, the Gnome et Rhône Type A, was introduced in 1920. This lightweight bike featured a 125cc engine and became popular among urban commuters. Gnome et Rhône continued to refine their designs and expand their product line over the next few years.

Where Gnome et Rhône Bikes are Made and History?

Expansion and Innovation

In the 1930s, Gnome et Rhône experienced significant growth and became one of France’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. They introduced several new models, including the powerful Gnome et Rhône XA, which featured a 1,000cc V-twin engine. This motorcycle quickly gained a reputation for its speed and reliability.

Gnome et Rhône also focused on technological advancements during this period. They developed innovative features such as a four-speed gearbox, telescopic front forks, and hydraulic shock absorbers, which enhanced the performance and comfort of their motorcycles.

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World War II and Post-War Era

During World War II, Gnome et Rhône suspended motorcycle production and shifted their focus to manufacturing aircraft engines for the French and German military. After the war, the company faced financial challenges and had to reestablish its manufacturing operations.

In 1954, Gnome et Rhône was acquired by another French motorcycle manufacturer, Motobécane. The merger resulted in a new company called Motobécane-Gnome et Rhône, which continued to produce motorcycles under both brand names.

Where Gnome et Rhône Bikes Were Made

Gnome et Rhône motorcycles were primarily manufactured in the company’s Gennevilliers factory. Located near Paris, this facility was the main production site for the majority of Gnome et Rhône’s motorcycles.

However, during World War II, Gnome et Rhône formed additional manufacturing plants to support the war effort. These factories were spread across various locations in France and focused on producing aircraft engines rather than motorcycles.

Legacy and End of Production

Despite their innovative designs and success, Gnome et Rhône faced increasing competition from other motorcycle manufacturers in the post-war years. As a result, the company gradually shifted its focus towards producing engines for other vehicles, such as cars and boats.

In 1959, Gnome et Rhône ceased motorcycle production altogether. The Motobécane-Gnome et Rhône company continued to manufacture motorcycles under the Motobécane brand until 1983 when it also shut down.


Gnome et Rhône left a significant mark on the motorcycle industry with their high-quality bikes and innovative designs. Although they faced challenges during World War II and post-war years, their motorcycles were appreciated for their performance and reliability. Today, Gnome et Rhône motorcycles have become sought-after classics by collectors worldwide.