Where Halfords Bikes are Made and History?

Updated on January 18, 2024


Halfords is a well-known retailer in the United Kingdom that specializes in cycling and automotive products. Their range of bikes is particularly popular, offering a wide variety of options for all types of cyclists. In this article, we will explore where Halfords bikes are made and delve into the history of this trusted brand.

The History of Halfords

Halfords was established in 1892 as a wholesale ironmongery by Frederick Rushbrooke in Birmingham, England. Initially, the company focused on selling ironmongery and toolkits, but it soon entered the growing market of bicycles. By 1902, Halfords had expanded to multiple locations across the country and became a limited liability company.

Over the years, Halfords evolved with changing consumer demands and technology advancements. They began offering motoring accessories in the early 1900s, including jacks, wrenches, and spark plugs. As the popularity of cycling and motoring grew, Halfords established itself as a reliable destination for both automotive and cycling products.

In 1968, Halfords was acquired by the Ward White Group. This change in ownership led to significant growth and expansion for the company. They introduced new product lines, implemented innovative marketing strategies, and continued to open stores across the United Kingdom.

Where Halfords Bikes are Made and History?

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Halfords further established itself as a leader in the cycling industry. They launched their own range of bikes, partnering with renowned brands such as Apollo and Carrera. Halfords’ commitment to quality and affordability made them a go-to choice for cyclists of all levels.

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Where are Halfords Bikes Made?

Halfords bikes are manufactured in a variety of locations worldwide. As a retailer, Halfords sources its bikes from different suppliers while ensuring they meet the brand’s stringent quality standards. The specific manufacturing locations may vary depending on the bike model and brand.

Halfords works closely with prominent bike manufacturers to bring a diverse range of options to their customers. Some of their bikes, including their own exclusive brands, are manufactured in the United Kingdom. This commitment to local manufacturing supports the country’s economy and enables Halfords to have greater control over the production process.

Additionally, Halfords collaborates with international suppliers to offer a wider selection of bikes. They work with manufacturers in countries such as Taiwan, China, and Vietnam to deliver affordable yet reliable bicycles to their customers. These partnerships allow Halfords to tap into global expertise and meet the diverse demands of cyclists.

Halfords Bike Brands

Halfords offers a range of bike brands, catering to different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the popular bike brands available at Halfords:

1. Apollo

Apollo is Halfords’ own exclusive bike brand. These bikes are designed and developed in the United Kingdom, with a focus on providing quality and durability at affordable prices. Apollo offers a wide range of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

2. Carrera

Carrera is another exclusive brand offered by Halfords. Known for their innovative designs and performance-oriented features, Carrera bikes are popular among cycling enthusiasts. Whether you’re a road cyclist or prefer off-road adventures, Carrera has a bike to suit your needs.

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3. Boardman

Boardman bikes are a collaboration between Halfords and Olympic gold medalist Chris Boardman. These bikes combine cutting-edge technology with professional craftsmanship, delivering exceptional performance. Boardman offers a range of bikes for road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlons.

4. Raleigh

Raleigh is a renowned bike brand with a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Halfords proudly stocks Raleigh bikes, known for their classic designs and exceptional quality. Raleigh offers a wide range of bikes, including city bikes, electric bikes, and kids’ bikes.

5. Pendleton

Pendleton bikes are designed in collaboration with Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton. These bikes combine style, comfort, and performance, making them popular among female cyclists. Pendleton offers a range of bikes, including road bikes, hybrid bikes, and classic town bikes.


Halfords has a rich history in the cycling industry and has become a trusted retailer for bike enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Their bikes are sourced from various locations worldwide while ensuring stringent quality standards are met. With a diverse range of brands and models, Halfords caters to cyclists of all preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Halfords is sure to have a bike to suit your needs and enhance your cycling experience.