10 Best Fenders For Gravel Bikes – ( April, 2024 )

Updated on January 20, 2024

Adding mudguards on your bike can ultimately boost your riding experience. This is one of the must-have accessories for your bike. With the right fenders, you can ride your bike on muddy, watery, and messy roads without any fear of getting dirt on your face or wet ass. However, it is essential to pick the best fenders for gravel bikes to ensure 100% coverage. So many products are available in the market; therefore, I have made a list of the top 10 best products. To pick right, keep reading.

Best Fenders/Mudguards For Gravel Bikes

1. Ass Savers For-4-blk Bicycle fenders


  • Lightweight
  • Quick no-tool installation
  • Appropriate width
  • Foldable design

If you want something that can bear all weather conditions and keep your gravel bike clean, then Ass Savers For-4-blk Bicycle fenders are what you need. With these fenders, you will experience durability and quality. Moreover, it can efficiently handle muddy conditions, which is a duty of the best mudguards for gravel bikes.

Furthermore, it has the easiest installation option as it doesn’t need any tool. Also, it takes no time to be mounted. You get the fender, install it, and you are ready to go. With them, your bike is protected from mud and water. Although these fenders are only for the rear wheel, you can get the font one in the same brand.

Other than these features, if you are concerned about width, no worries, as these fenders are precisely designed while keeping gravel bikes in mind. Ass Savers For-4-blk Bicycle fenders will perfectly fit your bike and provide the best protection. Also, you can carry it in a bag without breaking it as it has foldable features.


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect width
  • Portable and foldable design


  • Extra bending can break it

Ass Savers For-4-blk Bicycle fenders are the ideal pick for camping and keeping your bike protected. This is possible because of its easy-to-install and foldable design. Also, its perfect width makes things fine and clean, which improves the overall riding experience.

2. SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set


  • Aluminum built
  • ASR system
  • Matte black finish
  • Lightweight and sturdy

Are you more into durability? Check this SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set, as this is the most durable option with great strength. You can go anywhere while keeping these fenders on without any worries. It has an aluminum build that ensures a rust-free experience even with water contact.

Moreover, this lightweight option perfectly fits the tire with 38-47mm width as it has 53mm width. Generally, all gravel bikes own the tires in this range, so this can fit all. Although, this is a bit heavy compared to the previous product because of the aluminum build that adds strength.

Furthermore, it has an ASR system that provides the best protection in all conditions and keeps you dry. This is a set of front and back wheels to ensure complete security. However, if you are a person who is also into looks, this black fender with a matte black finish improves the appearance of your bike. Also, the sleek design worth your money.


  • Rust-proof built
  • ASR system for complete protection
  • Perfect width for gravel bikes
  • Come in a set


  • A bit tough installation

SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set is what you need to experience protection with durability. These aluminum mudguards also improve your bike looks while keeping the quality on the mark.

3. Velo Orange 700c 45mm Hammered Alloy Fender


  • Aluminum body
  • Suits 37mm tires
  • Lightweight
  • Hammered design

Do you want to bling on your gravel bike? This Velo Orange 700c 45mm Hammered Alloy Fender is the most beautiful and different option on this list. With this fender, you improve the looks of your bike without compromising on performance. You get the required protection, and its aluminum build provides durability.

If your gravel bike has tires 37mm or less, you can use this option. However, if you want to cover tires larger than this, you should check the other options from the list. Other than this, Velo Orange fenders are in lighter and thin sizes. You can permanently install them, and you don’t have to take them off because they can bear all weather conditions easily.

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For installation, here you have to take technician help. However, if you are skilled and experienced enough, you can install them at home. People with no such experience cannot install them. So please take the right help and quickly install them. After installation, there is no need to remove them for safety purposes.


  • Appealing hammered texture
  • Lightweight
  • Durable built


  • Need expert assistance for installation

Velo Orange 700c 45mm Hammered Alloy Fender is the suitable option for you if you want looks and usability in one product. The aluminum body makes it sturdy, while the hammered texture adds to its looks. Also, the shiny looks are just like a cherry on top, so choose this to stay protected and dry.

4. SKS Gravel Specific Mudguards


  • Telescopic extension design
  • 100% coverage
  • Suits tire of size 700 x 42c
  • Arc design

If you want a mudguard with additional coverage and can keep you and your bike protected in mud and water. SKS Gravel is a complete set of front and back wheels. The front part has a classic profile that provides 100% protection. This is an ideal pick if you want to stay perfectly dry from both sides, i.e., front and back side.

On the other hand, the rear wheel mudguard has a complete arc that covers the wheel completely. Its telescopic extension design keeps you and the vehicle behind you safe. The stays have a connection with a recess, so it cannot disturb the brakes and gears. This is a lightweight design that keeps the bike performance on the mark.

Moreover, they especially design these best fenders for gravel bikes to ensure durability on all terrains and are even suitable for off-road rides. This is possible because of the stay connection near the guard. If your bicycle has a tire size 700 x 42c or more and has disc brakes, this is a perfect fit for you.


  • Full coverage
  • Suitable for off-road rides
  • Durable design


  • Works only for bikes with disc brakes

SKS Gravel fenders are a perfect pick if you like adventures, as they give you complete protection on off-road roads. Also, the front fender has a dual-height front spoiler to keep mud away from your face. On the other hand, the back fender has a telescopic extension design to ensure protection from the back. This is a complete package to enjoy off-road trips without any worries.

5. SKS S-BOARD + S-BLADE (Set) Gravel/Rennrad/CX-Schutzblech // 28′


  • Wheel Size: 28″ (700c)
  • Max tire width 47mm
  • 198g weight
  • Clippable design

SKS S-Board is a suitable option for a person who wants to keep things according to them because of its adjustable design. This is suitable for roads and also has a clipable design that provides easy installation. If you are the one who likes to do things without anyone’s help, you can install it easily without any tools and expert help.

This is a lightweight option because of its synthetic material build. Also, due to its weight, you can carry this set in your backpack, and it provides a portability feature. The manufacturing of this product lets you adjust the angle according to you. Moreover, the double-hinged system makes installation and removal effortless.

If you prefer portability, easy installation, and durable products, then you should keep this product on your next shopping list. This complete set for front and rear tires ensures full protection. Bikes with 47mm wheel width deserve these fenders to protect their fork paint and wheel.


  • Adjustable design
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Need adjustment after use

SKS S-Board fenders are the best mudguards for gravel bikes as these are easy to install and carry. Also, you can adjust them according to you in no time. So please don’t ignore this valuable product and buy it now.

6. TOPCABIN Bike Adjustable Bike Rain Mudguard Set


  • Lightweight
  • Durable built
  • Universal design
  • Plastic material

If you want something durable that stays the same even after use, check out this TOPCABIN bike mudguard set. This product has the best quality material that can bear things effortlessly, remain intact and maintain shape. Moreover, you can choose the height and length of these fenders according to your bike design.

Furthermore, their design is ideal for use in rain and keeps water away from you and your wheels. These features also protect the paint of the fork. If you want to enjoy off-road or muddy rides with protection, choose this set of best fenders for gravel bikes.

Are you concerned about wind resistance? No worries, this product reduces wind pressure and keeps you safe from mud splashes in the rain. Even in extremely muddy areas, you can stay dry and clean just because of its amazing design. Furthermore, the universal fit design makes it perfect for all bikes without any wheel size demand.

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable length and height


  • Installation is a bit tough

TOPCABIN bike mudguard set is an innovative product because of its adjustable length and height. Also, the light plastic material retains its form even after extended use. This is a must-have product to get a clean riding experience.

7. Planet Bike Cascadia ALX Bike Fenders


  • 6061 aluminum built
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Traditional arc design
  • Double-riveted mudguards

Do you want a corrosion and rust-free option for your gravel bike? Choose Planet Bike Cascadia fenders. These fenders have 6061 aluminum built that provide sturdiness as well as a rust-free experience. Moreover, it has shiny looks and cutting-edge design that improve the looks of your bike and give it a classic appearance.

Furthermore, the traditional arc design gives you complete coverage from both sides. Even on severely muddy roads and areas, it will keep you clean. Also, it has a stainless steel v to keep it away entirely from corrosion and make installation effortless. Without any expert help and spending hours, you can install these vendors.

To provide extraordinary safety, these fenders have release tabs. You can use this product with traditional disc brakes. These double-riveted mudguards offer 100% coverage and protection to you and the person on your back. This set of amazingly looking fenders is worth your money, and you need them for all-rounder safety.


  • Extended mudflap
  • Pre-installed steel v
  • Corrosion-free material


  • Requires eyelets

Planet Bike Cascadia fenders are the best partner for your gravel bike if you want durability and good looks. Also, the steel v makes the installation effortless and takes no time.

8. Fat-Cat Mudguard Fenders Set


  • Streamline shape
  • Synthetic fiber plastic
  • Front and rear guards
  • Lightweight

Do you crave an adjustable mudguard for your bicycle? Fat-Cat Mudguard Fenders Set is most suitable for you. These are highly flexible mudguards. You can easily adjust the angle between fenders and bike tires to provide maximum protection. Fortunately, you do not have to use any additional tool for all the adjustments.

Fat – Cat fenders have a really stylish build to enhance the entire look of your bicycle. They have a streamlined body made of synthetic fiber plastic to make them solid and durable. They guard front and rear bicycle tires against mud or moisture to keep them dry and clean. In addition, these funders have fixed seats that let you dismantle them easily.

Moreover, you can use these mudguards for road bicycles, mountain bicycles, or any bicycle with a stem diameter of less than 34mm. You can easily install them on your bike as they are uncomplicated to assemble. The only down point is that they often hide rear reflectors, which can be dangerous. So, make sure to adjust the angle before riding.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fixed seat
  • Highly adjustable
  • Long-lasting


  • Hide rear reflectors

So, the Fat-Cat Mudguard Fenders Set is recommended as they are highly adjustable and affordable. These fenders can be installed without much effort due to their lightweight. So, buy them and protect your bicycle tires from mud with these stylish fenders.

9. Portland Design Works Sodapop Frame Mount Fenders


  • 97% post-consumer material
  • 290 g weight
  • Polypropylene material
  • Two available sizes

Are you concerned about the environment and like environmentally-friendly products? Portland design works Sodapop frame mount fenders have 97% post-consumer material to keep Earth beautiful. Also, these flawlessly crafted fenders are easy to install and remove. It’s on you to keep them permanently on or remove them on sunny days.

The mudguard shape plays a vital role in its performance; therefore, this product has a perfect wave shape that keeps you dry on a rainy day. The shape of these fenders provides complete coverage and never lets any water splash to ruin your outfit. You can conveniently ride your gravel bike on a rainy day by keeping these fenders on.

Furthermore, they come in two widths to provide universal fitting so that you can choose one according to your bike. Whether you have a city or mountain bike, you can get the right product. This durable, lightweight, and easy-to-install fenders set provides protection and worth your hard-earned money.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable built
  • Has 97% post-consumer material


  • Short mounting screw

Portland design works Sodapop frame mount fenders are the most recommended product for you if you are environmentally conscious. Also, these fenders provide maximum water and mud protection in the rain. This beautifully styled fender set makes your bike look amazing at this cost.

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10. WALD 962 Balloon Fenders


  • Paint protection film
  • Steel built
  • Easy installation
  • Rust-free

To get an aesthetic and stylish bike look, you must choose WALD 962 Balloon fenders. These shiny black fenders provide good looks with 100% performance. Its classic design keeps them near the wheels and perfectly protects you from the mud. If your gravel bike has 2 to 2.125 inches wheels, you can pick this product for a premium experience.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the color as sun and rain ruin the paint, there is no need to worry. These fenders have protected layers that keep the color like new for so long. Moreover, the steel material makes it a rust-free and corrosion-free option. Due to this feature, you can easily keep them in the sun and rain because nothing can harm them.

In terms of durability, this easy-to-install product has no match. The lush black finish and the steel material stay longer with you. With these fenders, I can say that you are ready to face all weather conditions without ruining your outfit and getting your ass wet. So never compromise on looks and functionality; pick this one for your bike.


  • Adjustable installation
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction


  • Scratchable paint

WALD 962 Balloon fenders are a perfect combination of performance and look. The shiny black finish makes your bike appealing, while its classic construction keeps you clean. Also, the steel body makes it rust-free. To enjoy these fantastic features, buy them now.


Do mudguards slow down a bike?

You don’t need to worry about speed if you are skilled enough to install mudguards. A correctly mounted mudguard improves the cycling experience without disturbing the aerodynamics of the bike. The front section of the mudguard reduces the air resistance while the back one takes part in boosting aerodynamic drag. Both actions end up canceling each other, and you experience no effect on speed.

What width mudguards do I need?

The ideal width depends on your tire size, as a mudguard should be a bit wider than the tire. This is important to consider as a same-sized mud guard results in friction. For example, if you own a bike with a 32mm wide tire, the suitable width is 35mm.

Are fenders worth it?

Fenders are worth it if you are a cleaning freak and want your bike clean. Moreover, these tiny structures not only feel appealing to the eyes but also protect the tire frame and increase durability.

Do I need fenders on both wheels?

You need protection from both sides, i.e., front and back. In case you keep the front one-off, you will get water on your face. At the same time, keeping the rear wheel fender off results in a wet ass. So to ensure 100% protection, you need fenders on both wheels.

The Bottom Line

To keep you and your gravel bike clean, you need fenders. These small tools protect you from mud and water. Irrespective of functionality, these mudguards make your bike look stylish and appealing. In this article, I have shared a list of the 10 best fenders for gravel bikes, but these three are my top favorites.

  • Planet Bike Cascadia bike fendersThese are perfect in terms of durability and style. The aluminum construction and full arch design provide 100% protection for years. Moreover, it has a pre-installed v that ensures effortless installation.
  • Ass Savers fendersThese fenders are lightweight and portable. Also, you can easily install it without any tools. It takes no time to install and remove these mudguards. Moreover, it has the perfect width for gravel bikes that keep you clean.
  • SKS Gravel Specific mudguardsThis product is ideal for 100% coverage because of its traditional complete arc design. According to their protection needs, this set has different front and rear wheel mudguards. Moreover, the stays connection doesn’t affect gear and brakes performance and boosts the overall riding experience.

To pick the best for you, make sure to consider your requirements first. After that, look for the product according to your needs. Setting a budget also makes it easy to find the right product without disturbing your financial condition. Observe your priorities and get the best fender for your gravel bike to enhance your experience on the road.

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