10 Best Rear Bike Racks – Review

Updated on December 14, 2023

Whether you have a touring bike or a utility one, a rear bike rack is a must-have for you. Most newbie bikers find it as an unnecessary component of the bike, but in reality, it will help you take off the weight from your shoulders. You will clearly have a much more refreshing, enjoyable, and comfortable ride after having one of these. The compatibility between the rear bike rack and the type of bags or panniers you are going to put on it will have a far-reaching effect on your upcoming biking experience. Confirm whether the rack you got to mount on your bike is compatible with your bike’s structure or not.

Even though these rear bike racks are used to carry your luggage and make you feel lighter. But if it is either not mounted properly or is incompatible with your biking setup, then it will irk the rider by interrupting the movement of the rear bike wheel. You don’t have to fret about it as I have got you covered. I have listed the best rear bike racks that will help you carry heavy and light gear. These rear biking racks have been tried and tested by many hobbyists as well as professional bike tourers. You can easily put your bags on them and step out without looking behind as their stability is exceptional.

Best Rear Bike Racks

1. Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

Wheel Clearance: 1 to 1.5 inches

Style: With Spring & Without Spring

Weight: 0.68 Kilograms

Tube: Hollow

The Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is without a shadow of a doubt the all-rounder when it comes to biking with luggage. Any type of weight can be difficult to be carried on a bike, especially if you are biking on a rough trail. While going through each small bump along your way, you will fear losing your belongings. But not anymore, thanks to the Explorer rear bike rack by Topeak.

It is a lightweight yet stable rear rack that has the ability to carry 25 times heavier load than its own. The rack has a base made up of stainless steel, whereas the rods of this rack are made up of aluminum. This makes the base tough and strong. The rod which makes the lower part and the stays are hollowed, so there is no additional weight to drag you behind while riding.

These biking racks are simply exceptional as the attention given by the makers really helps the users in their way. Even if you are not a person who bikes on long and adventurous trails, having such a biking rack is important as you never know you might end up struggling with a little extra grocery on your way home. But with this rear rack, you can freely put your load on the rack and explore the beauty around you on the way.


  • No instability even on rough roads
  • Wheel compatibility Range
  • Fits trunk bags


  • Can’t act as a passenger seat

The Topeak Explorer Bike Rack has an extra middle stay that adds more strength to the base. You can simply attach a trunk bag to it by sliding it over the rear rack or can simply attach a pannier to it for additional space. The arms that connect the rack to the bike can be adjusted which in turn increases its compatibility. Your bike wheels can move uninterruptedly, even if you land abruptly after a jump because of the wheel clearance.

2. Blackburn Outpost World Touring Rear Bike Rack

Build: Aluminum

Adjustability: Universal

Weight: 9.2 kilogram

Color: Black

If you are not a massive fan of trunk bags and are looking for a much more simple option to carry your cargo, the Blackburn Outpost World Touring Rear Bike Rack is definitely the one for you. Unlike the Topeak Explorer rack, this one has no spring system and there is no feature as the slide-on trunk bag attachment. It has a very minimalist and easy-to-handle design.

The Blackburn Outpost World Touring Rear Bike Rack has a bridge that has a slightly round shape as compared to the straight bridges in many other rear racks. One of the most admirable features of this biking rack is that you can change its height in accordance with your comfort. You no more have to worry about the support needed to keep your panniers in place.

It is truly the best rear bike rack as just beneath the top deck there is a second horizontal rod which allows you to attach more things as well as provide some base to the panniers if there is no other cargo attached to it. Even though there are just two stays, the load-bearing capacity is similar to that of the Topeak, so you can freely add a load of more than 24 kilograms on your Blackburn outpost rack.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustment
  • Additional weight distributing rods


  • Not compatible with hook panniers

The Blackburn Outpost World Touring Rear Bike Rack is a dream come true if you want a hassle-free life. Many parts of this rack are attached already, so you don’t have to do it. As this rear bike rack has a simple design and the compatibility is exceptional as you can attach it to almost any type of bike, no matter how many numbers of tools you have connected before it. You will just have to follow the instructions and you can do it in no time.

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3. Planet Eco Bike Rear Rack

Load Capacity: 24.9 kilogram

Material: Plastic

Rods: Aluminum

Color Options: Black and Silver

The previous two are great for long and professional bike touring, but the Planet Eco Bike Rear Rack is an ideal rear bike rack for newbies and hobbyist bikers. The most extraordinary feature of this bike rack is that the top deck is made up of plastic. You don’t have to fret over the stability and strength of this rack as the thick rods made up of aluminum provide the base for it.

This rear bike rack has V-shaped side rails, so there is no additional stay for stability. The position of these rails is such that there is more space between the two as compared to other two-railed racks. This will help you in adjusting and hanging your pannier bags. There are no additional rods for strength which gives it a super light build and the aluminum takes care of the rest.

The Planet Eco Bike Rear Rack can be mounted on a bike with as well as without an eyelet. You don’t even have to call for a professional, as connecting an Eco Bike rack to almost all types of bikes is a piece of cake. The parts are already put together, so there is not much to do. You will need only a few simple tools and a few minutes to make this rear rack a crucial part of your bike.


  • Minimalistic Design
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic Top Desk


  • Not for long touring

The Planet Eco Bike Rear Rack is admired by people who use a bike to get to school or work on time. It can bear the weight of your books, groceries, and belongings. There are small metallic arms that increase the stability of the overall rack. The two rails have just the correct dimensions as it not only provides support to the panniers as well as it does not disturb the rear tire movement because of the clearance.

4. Axiom Transit Rear Bike Rack

Construction: hand builded

Weight Bearing Capacity: 50 Kilograms

Extension arm Length: 28 Centimeters

Height: 17 inches

The Axiom Transit Rear Bike Rack is the best rear bike rack for individuals who want to venture into the world of professional touring. If you want to take up your hobby to the next level by going on adventurous tours with friends, then you can grab this rear rack to carry everything that you will need along the way. It is because this rack is strong enough to carry large luggage.

Whether in terms of its weight-bearing abilities or the top deck area’s dimension, everything that this rear provides is much better than many other high-end competitors in the market. Its load-bearing capacity is about 70 kilograms, so you can even use it as a seat while commuting. It has only two stays on the sides but the strength and position enhance the support it provides.

The top deck area is 35.5 centimeters long and 13.2 centimeters wide making it compatible with trunk bags, panniers, and baskets. The best thing about this rack is that even though it is really tough and has a high load capacity, you can still manage to fit it in a small bike or an electric bike too. The extension arm has the right length and flexibility which makes it adjustable.


  • Double welding
  • 70-kilogram load capacity
  • Hand welding


  • No Color Options

The Axiom Transit Rear Bike Rack is the best as it is not limited to a particular size or type of bike. You can connect it to small and large bikes. The build is flexible to be adjusted, but at the same time, it doesn’t affect the stability of these racks. It is a really inexpensive rear rack and that too for such extraordinary load capacity. It is good for adventurous bikers, but make sure to get the extra punting tools that can be missing.

5. West Biking Cargo Bike Rack

Safety Features: Red reflector

Material: Aluminum alloy

Guarantee: 30 Days

Color: Black

The West Biking Cargo Bike Rack is also one of the options for riders who need a rack not too close to the seat. Many riders complain that despite having high load capacity many racks have the top deck placed quite close, which makes them uncomfortable during the ride. Such placing also increases the chance of contact of your feet with the pannier bags while paddling.

Not anymore, thanks to the Cargo Bike Rack by West Biking which has a strong and long extension arm. The extension arm design is different from the previously mentioned rack. It has a thick hollow tube-like arm. Whereas the others tend to have a pair of flexible and thinner arms. The thicker arm contributes largely to increasing stability and shock absorption quality.

While installing the rack on your bike, you can adjust the length between the seat of the rider and the top deck by simply sliding it on the extension arm before securing it in position with screws. The overall build of this rack is made up of aluminum metal which not only helps it bear heavy weight but also makes it resistant to environmental factors such as moisture and dust.


  • Thick Extension arm
  • Night reflector
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not compatible with a few bikes

The West Biking Cargo Bike Rack can carry any sort of luggage easily that weighs around 49 kilograms. You can put your pannier bags on it too. A red-colored circular reflective part is present at the back of the rack just below the deck which will help other riders to identify your bike’s location even at night. The two rails on the outer ends are connected together for support.

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6. Ibera Biking Touring Rack

Mounting System: Quick Release

Top Desk: 15.5 Inches

Compatibility: Disc Brake/ Non Disc Brake/ Bags

Extension Arm Flexibility: 30-degree angle

Why should you invest in high price rear racks, when the Ibera Biking Touring Rack can provide you all that you have ever wanted to be in your bike carrier rack? This rear rack is the most in-demand rack because of the intense focus on the manufacturing process and the use of modem technology. You may find this rack to be better in many ways once you have got it installed.

The Ibera Biking Touring Rack is similar to other racks in terms of the material used in it which is aluminum. But the important thing is that this aluminum is not the same as the others as it is provided with heat treatment. This makes the material less dense, more flexible, and resistant to corrosion and temperature as well as increases its strength-to-weight ratio.

It can be used to not only load heavy cargo on the top deck but also can be compatible with pannier bags. The desktop is 15.5 inches in length which allow you to fit in trunk bags of a similar length. The other impressive feature is that the width between side rails is 8 inches which is quite wider than the standard size. The extension arms provide around a 9-inch distance from the seat.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Can have a fitting issue

This width along with 15 inches height increases the wheel clearance. You can use this rack for bikes with or without disc brakes as there is a lot of space. But the lower rails might cause an issue with fitting, so make sure before buying that the size is best for you or not. It also has a one-year warranty. The extension arms can bend to some extent, so installation can be a little easier.

7. Schwinn Rear Bike Rack

Compatibility: Universal

Load capacity: 11.7 Kilograms

Color: Black

Reflector: Rear Bracket

If all of the rear racks for bikes that have been listed are not the ones suitable for you, then the Schwinn Rear Bike Rack is the best one for you. It is an affordable, simple, and lightweight rear rack. This rack can be the best one for hobbyist bikers as it is not what professional bikers would use. You can easily use it to carry your lighter belongings on short trips or while going to the workplace.

The Schwinn Rear Bike Rack is widely used by riders who use bikes as a convenient means of transportation. Imagine you are going to the office and your back has no rear or front rack, where would you put your lunch box, office files, or bag? So, you will have to get this rear bike rack that will help you with overcoming such situations but also doesn’t need a lot of investment.

The build of this rack is made up of aluminum which makes it corrosion resistant, stable, durable, and lighter. The load carrying capacity is 11.2 kilograms which is lower than any other of the above-listed racks. But this is not a problem if you are not a professional tourer. Whether it is the two side rails or the extension arms both are flexible and contribute to the adjustment of this rack.


  • Bracket reflector
  • Adjustable extension arms
  • Dual side rails


  • Low load capacity

Apart from the other circular reflectors, Schwinn Rear Bike Rack has a bracket-style reflector. This reflector helps the other travelers with the location of their bike in the dark, so no accident can happen because of visibility problems. You can get this rear rack in a foldable and adjustable option. This black-colored rear rack comes with a limited warranty, so you can return it if it doesn’t suit you.

8. Dirza Rear Mountain Bike Rack

Top Deck Length: 14 inches

Tube: Hollow

Type: Quick Release

Weight Bearing capacity: 52 Kilograms

Many rear bike racks are not suitable for mountain bikes and don’t let the trunk bag have a secure attachment to it. The Dirza Rear Mountain Bike Rack is one that is specially designed by keeping in mind the features of a robust mountain bike. As the conditions for mountain bikers are really hard, the rack for such circumstances must also be really durable and strong.

The Dirza Rear Mountain Bike Rack does have hollow rods but these rods are made up of an aluminum alloy which has more weight-bearing features as compared to the plastic desked racks. The end part of the extension arm has a red colored circular reflector which is obviously a way to increase visibility at night. So if you are in the mountains the probability of getting hit by the other riders is less.

The other most important thing about Dirza Rear Mountain Bike Rack is that it has a thick rod-like arm extension. This arm extension needs to be clamped just below the seat post. But in order to get the proper distance and position the height of the seat post must be two inches or higher. The clamp will be attached at this length under the passenger seat of the mountain bike.


  • Suitable for MTX
  • 49 Kilogram load capacity
  • Smooth finish


  • Compatibility

The Dirza Rear Mountain Bike Rack is good for mountain bikes but not for other types of bikes. Even mountain bikes that have wheel sizes between the range of 18 to 27 inches are compatible with it. It can bear a weight of 49 kilograms. There is a rail that has an unusual shape and a straight rod that goes down. These structures will act as a support for pannier bags. Fat tire bikes are also incompatible with this rack.

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9. ROCKBROS Cargo Bike Rear Rack

Build: Aluminum metal

Weight: 1.2 kilograms

Dimension: 22 x 7 x 4.5 inches

Mount: Quick release

If you don’t like to have a rear rack that covers your mountain bike’s rear wheel and ruins the look of your bike, then this is the one that can help you out. As the importance of a rear rack is undeniable, you will have to attach one when you have a heavier load. If you are going for a backpack, it will surely affect your on-road stamina and performance, so you will have to transfer it on a rack.

Thanks to the ROCKBROS Cargo Bike Rear Rack you can easily attach it and take it off whenever you like in no time. This is because of the quick-release mount, so no need to spend hours adjusting the screws and bolts. Just use the clamps to position and install the rear rack effortlessly. The parts of this rear bike rack can be moved to help the riders with adjustability.

The Cargo Bike Rear Rack by ROCKBROS has a special feature which is the fender. It is present on the rear side of the wheel. Many riders complain that their trunk bags get dirty after a ride through muddy trails because of the water on roads splashing on them. But with the help of the fender, you can tackle this problem. You can also increase the distance of it with the wheel.


  • Fender
  • Quick release clamps
  • Stability


  • Not for Flat Carbon bikes

The ROCKBROS Cargo Bike Rear Rack is one of the best rear bike racks as it has the best structural design to enhance its stability and sturdiness. The rack has weight-bearing features of around 74 kilograms which is exceptional, but the disadvantage is that you have to see whether it fits your bike system or not. This is because many bikes are not suitable with this rear rack.

10. Ventura Bicycle Carrier Rack

Extension Arms Length: 15 inches

Weight Limit: 18 Kilograms

Positioning: Rear

Wheel: 26 inches

The Ventura Bicycle Carrier Rack is truly a bang for your buck as it has the lowest price tag on the list. This definitely does not make it somewhat lower than the others as it performs really well for numerous riders. This rear bike rack needs to be fitted just above the rear wheel of the bike right next to the seat post. Your luggage can be put on it so you don’t have to put the weight on your shoulders.

This bike rack is made of steel material, making it impressively stable and tremble-free. It has a back-colored build and weighs around 1.2 kilograms. This rack might be light but can carry a much heavier load than its weight. The weight capacity of the rack is around 18.2 kilograms. You can use trunk bags or pannier bags to provide you with easier transportation of luggage.

The Ventura Bicycle Carrier Rack has a length of 16.6 inches, 9 inches, and a height of 3.9 inches. The dimension of this rack will help you with seeing its compatibility with the bike that you are using. This biking rack can be used by professionals who aren’t really heavy on your belongings and commuters too. It works best with adult bikes as compared to electrical or foldable ones.


  • 90 Days warranty
  • Spring Flap
  • Six step installation


  • Less weight-bearing capacity
  • Compatibility

The Ventura Bicycle Carrier Rack is best for you as you can explore your biking as a hobbyist in touring while continuing with commuting too. You can take a chance by ordering it even if you are not sure about its compatibility with the bike as the 90-day long warranty will help you through it. You don’t have to get professional help as it has a simple six-step installation process.


How do I know what rear bike rack to buy?

Buying the correct rear bike rack needs a little effort if not you will end up in a mess. If the rack is incompatible your wheel movement will be affected and the fitting will become impossible. The rack might be unstable. So, you will have to compare the dimensions, wheel clearance, and extension arm length along with their flexibility level to tell if you should buy it or not.


I hope that after going through the list of the best rear bike racks you have found the one most suitable for you. All of the rear bikes are tried and tested by a large number of professionals, hobbyists, bike tourers, and newbie venturers. These bike racks are compatible, resistant, durable, easy to install, and have impressive compatibility. Here you will find our top picks for the most amazing ones out there for tourists as well as hobbyists.

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