10 Best Tailgate Bike Pads ( July, 2024 )

Updated on January 20, 2024

Looking for a tailgate bike pad that assists you to take your bike safely to the destination? Then get ready to make a selection as I have brought the list of 10 best tailgate bike pads along with their pros and cons that will aid you in making the decision. Also, all these bike pads are not too expensive and anyone can afford them even people who have a certain budget.

The bike pad is an essential item to be carried with you when you are going along with your family and friends, as this helps you to carry multiple bikes. Also, the bike pad keeps the bikes in one position till you reach the destination and also prevents the delicate parts of the bike from being damaged. So now let’s explore the features of each tailgate bike pad that I have brought for you and then you may select it according to your preference.

Best Tailgate Bike Pads

1. Athletico Tailgate Pad for Bikes

Athletico has manufactured this tailgate pad with premium quality. The outside cover of this product is made up of vinyl and the underside is made up of soft felt material, the pad itself is thick enough to provide cushioning to the delicate parts of the bike. Moreover, with these materials, both your bike paint and your trunk pain will remain secure.

There are also extra loops at each end to secure the wide loads. Furthermore, the bike straps and locking straps are adjustable and the stitching of the straps is strong and reinforced. Along with this, these pads are available in two sizes large and medium. The size of the medium one is 5 inches wide and the size of the large one is 62 inches wide.

You can hang 5 bikes on the small-sized pad and 6 bikes on the large-sized pad. This item is pretty easy to mount and unmount. You don’t require any manual for it and can understand it easily. Moreover, it has a large pocket on the backside. It is spacious enough that you can put any of the desired tools in it which are required on a daily basis.


  • Precise cutout
  • Security latch
  • Built-in utility rings


  • Put scratches on the truck

This product of Athletico is one of the best tailgate bike pads because you can definitely rely on it as it is undoubtedly lightweight, and well-built, and the velcro patches provide ultimate security.

2. Sportouro Tailgate Bike Pads for Truck

The Sportouro bike pad makes sure that you drive stress free in hilly areas by providing you with the ultimate security system. The loops and hooks of this product keep the bikes in place. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to put on and put off. The best part is you don’t even need any guidance as mounting it on is easily understandable.

Furthermore, this product can carry up to 5 bikes at a time and there are also extra straps available on the sides for wide hangings. The straps are stitched with excellence and have extended elasticity for convenience. There is also the availability of a pocket in which one can put his essentials, like tools, bike accessories, etc.

This Spotouro Tailgate product is made up of high-quality material to keep going even in harsh weather conditions. The upper is made of PVC while the underside is made up of soft flannel. Both these materials do not create even a single minor scratch on the painted bodies of both truck and bikes.


  • Easy access to tailgate handle
  • Tow hitch remains available
  • Unobscured rear camera view


  • Comparatively heavier than others

This product has made things easier for everyone and now you don’t need to mess anymore with the other low-class unruly bike racks which are neither functional nor durable.

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3. Dakine Pickup Truck Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes

This product is made of 1000D recycled material, is UV resistant, and can also withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it is heavily padded but is still light weighted and can be easily mounted on any type of tailgate. This product is best, especially for the new model trucks.

With this product, you can easily reach the handle of the tailgate truck. Along with all this, you can hang around 7 bikes to the large size of this tailgate pad and 5 bikes to the small size. Moreover, with the grommets, you can easily mount this product to your tailgate without any worry and can even drive into rough terrains.

It doesn’t have any pocket for keeping accessories and has a very simple design. But let me tell you that this product is manufactured by keeping in mind that it provides full security to your bikes in every way, not only locking them up well enough but also this pad does not put any scratch over the painted body of the bikes nor makes swirls over the trunk’s body.


  • Simple design
  • Light in weight
  • UV resistant cover


  • No Pockets for keeping accessories

With this product, you can take your bikes safely to where ever you want and you also have a choice of selecting the size of the tailgate pad, either large or small, which suits your truck tailgate the most.

4. MNJ Motor Tailgate Pad

Large concave slots are available in this MNJ product which are adjustable and you can tighten the bikes as much as you want. Moreover, the velcro straps used in this item are so durable that they won’t lose their elasticity even after years. Along with this, you can put up to 5 bikes on this tailgate pad at a time.

Now, let me tell you about its outer and inner composition. The outer covering is made of PVC while the inner side of this tailgate pad is made of flannelette material. The PVC keeps it waterproof while the flannelette material prevents the truck from scratches. These materials do not wear off even in harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, this MNJ product has two pockets in which you can put various accessories. These pockets have a zipper closure and the magic velcro strap which keeps things secure inside them. So even on bumpy roads, you don’t have to care if things will fall out. But make sure to check the size of this product to see if it is compatible with your truck or not.


  • Two pockets with secure closure
  • Withstand harsh conditions
  • Reliable


  • Stitching is not too good

This product of MNJ is not only well-built but is also cost-efficient and good-looking and let me assure you that you will not get disappointed after using it.

5. Himal Outdoors Tailgate Pad

The strong and sturdy PVC outer covering of this Himal product makes this tailgate pad abrasion resistant and also water resistant at the same time. The inner side of this item is made from a soft material called flannelette. This material keeps the gate of the truck and the paint of the bikes safe from scratches.

Also, here in this product, two tool pockets are available in which you can keep your accessories. These pockets have a zip closure to prevent your essentials from rainy and snowy weather. There is also a flip cover present in this tailgate pad which can be flipped over to access the handle of the truck.

The best part about this Himal’s product is it has a universal size and can be used over almost every kind of truck. It can carry up to 7 bikes at a time. Moreover, the foam padding used inside it is half an inch thick keeping it light and durable. Lastly, it is effortless to mount and unmount and you will not need any helping hand.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • 2 pockets for accessories


  • Expensive than others

Himal manufactures one of the best tailgate bike pads because they promise to provide premium quality products to the customers which don’t wear off even in years.

6. LEETPIC Tailgate Bike Pads

This product of Leeptic has concave designed slots which keep any size of a bike secure and safe throughout the journey. If we talk about security then let me tell you that premium quality velcro sticking is used that gives ultimate stickiness, and locks the bike in a place. So no matter how bumpy the road is, the bikes will remain intact.

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The handle of the truck can be accessed easily and you don’t have to mount off the whole bike pad. Along with this, this product is very easy to mount and unmount. It doesn’t take a lot of time nor take too much effort. Along with all this, there are two pockets available in which you can keep your necessary items like tools, etc.

If I talk about the material of this pad then I am glad to share that the material is made up of high-quality PVC which can withstand any kind of weather conditions. You don’t need to unmount this in order to save this from rain as this material is waterproof. Also, it is very light in weight and doesn’t damage the painted surfaces of bikes and truck.


  • Two pockets
  • Easy access to the handle
  • Waterproof


  • Material is a little hard

The Leeptic tailgate bike pad has the most durable velcro sticking and has two pockets with a zip closure to keep your accessories safe and secure throughout the journey.

7. EVOC, Tailgate Pad Duo, Fits All Trucks

The tarpaulin material used by this Evoc’s product is not only UV resistant but is also all-weather resistant and is filled with heavy-duty foam which prevents the delicate parts of the bike from damaging. Moreover, the inner side of this pad is made of fleece which keeps the paint of the truck from swirling. It can accommodate two bikes easily and the mounting and unmounting of these bikes are pretty easy with the Evoc’s bike pad.

The Evoc offers 24 – months warranty, so if you find anything wrong with this tailgate bike pad you can contact customer service. They will respond to you as soon as possible. One thing that I don’t like about this product is after mounting it on the tailgate you cannot reach the tailgate handle easily.

Along with all these features, the Evoc pad is specially designed to be mounted on any kind of truck. Its design is pretty simple and elegant and will compliment your truck. Additionally, the stitching of the straps and the tailgate pad itself is of premium quality and it won’t wear off in years.


  • High protection
  • Can mount wide bikes
  • Warranty


  • Do not have a cover for the tailgate handle

The Evoc tailgate bike pad is one of the best tailgate bike pads because they help you transfer your bikes safely and securely to the destination, no matter how rough the roads are.

8. YAKIMA, Gatekeeper Tailgate Pad

The Yakima’s easy-to-mount tailgate pad comes in different sizes, large and small. Both of them are light in weight, the large one has 8lbs weight while the small one has 6 lbs weight. The large Yakima tailgate pad can carry up to 5 bikes while a small one can carry up to 6 bikes easily.

It has a hook and loop closure system which keeps the bike in place and do not allow it to bump into other bikes. Moreover, the straps are adjustable and you tighten them up as much as you want. The stitching of these straps is unquestionable as the threads do not wear off even if you use them roughly.

The outer covering of this product is made of Nylon. The Nylon works as an abrasion-free and weather-resistant material. Furthermore, the extra soft back side of this item makes sure that your truck paint remains scratch free. Lastly, I would like to tell here that it also has a flip cover through which you can access the tailgate handle easily.


  • Hooks and loop cradle system
  • Simple and secure
  • Durable design


  • Very simple design

This product of Yakima is quite simple but there is no doubt that it is still elegant and has all the top-notch qualities one would be looking for in the tailgate bike pad.

9. Fox Tailgate Cover for Mountain Bikes

Fox has manufactured one of its best products for its customers. Its upper is made up of polyester keeping it weather resistant. It has heavy foam inside this polyester, which keeps this soft in a way that it doesn’t put even a single minor scratch over the trunk’s or bike’s body.

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Although this product is easy to take off and easy to mount, you don’t have to take it off every time you wanna reach the trunk or the tailgate handle. It allows you to reach both places easily without any fuss of unmounting it. Along with this, it comes in two sizes large and small.

The large one can carry about six bikes while the small one can carry up to 6 bikes. The small size can fit any mid-size truck. Along with all the qualities mentioned above, this truck pad is quite stylish. It has a camo design that features the logo of fox over it that represents you as bold and strong.


  • Stylish
  • Portable
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Sizes are not accurate

With being stylish and providing maximum capacity for your bike, the Fox tailgate cover is one of the most reasonable products on this list that you would not deny buying.

10. PRO BIKE TOOL Tailgate Pad

If I talk about the outer covering of this tailgate pad then I am glad to tell her that it is made from 1000D PVC tarpaulin. This material is not just water resistant but is built to last longer than you think. Along with this, the lining of this product is made from fleece which prevents the truck’s paint from scratching.

It has concave-shaped straps in which you can mount even the widest bike. The lock system is undoubtedly awesome to keep your bike in place during bumpy roads and sharp turns. Moreover, the velcro sticking used for locking the straps is just amazing and is adjustable as well.

The best part about this product is you can easily access the truck handle when it is mounted on. And with this, I would like to share that this product is pretty easy to mount and takes only a few minutes of yours. Last but not the least, you can mount up to 5 bikes on this tailgate pad.


  • Simple to mountr
  • trunk access is easy
  • high-quality material used


  • Damaged velcro sticking reported

This Pro Bike product will meet your requirements as it has all the features that you are looking for in the bike pad, including secure pockets, softback lining, weather resistance covering, etc.


What is the point of a tailgate bike pad?

On a tailgate bike pad, you can mount multiple bikes at a time and it also keeps this bike secretly tight enough to prevent it from bouncing on uneven roads.

Can I leave my tailgate bike pad on my truck?

Yes, most of the tailgate bike pads are made of water-resistant material and can also withstand any harsh weather conditions, so there is no issue in leaving it on the truck.

Can you still open the trunk with a tailgate pad with the bikes mounted?

This facility is not available in the old tailgate bike pads but in the new products, you can open the trunk easily even if the bikes are mounted and you don’t need to take them off every time. Thus it saves your time and effort.


I hope this article helped you get every information that you needed about each product and I hope now you know which type of tailgate bike pad will suit your truck the most. Also, make sure that the tailgate bike pad you are considering not only has all the qualities you are looking for but also accommodates as many bikes as you want. Lastly, I have some personal recommendations for you which are as follows.

  • The leeptic tailgate bike pad has two pockets in which you can keep your essentials and keeps the bikes intact with its velcro sticking.
  • The Himal tailgate bike pad is not only easy to mount and unmount but also has two pockets and enough space for mounting 7 bikes at a time.
  • MNJ tailgate bike pad has two spacious pockets with zip closure and has the most sturdy covering which is abrasion resistant and won’t wear off in years.

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