24 Inch Bike For What Size Person

Updated on August 17, 2023

A 24-inch bike for what size person is a perplexing question that often leaves people confused. Bicycles are used very commonly all over the world. Hence, bike size and person size should be compatible with each other. This compatibility is required for better performance. Otherwise, if a person is big in size, which means heavy and tall, he should choose heavy, good, quality bikes. These rich, good, quality bikes are 26-inches, 27.5-inches, 28, and 29-inches. Likewise, if a person is skinny and short in height, he can go for a 24-inch bike.

In this article, we will explore what should be the size of a person for a 24-inch bike. Here, I will add this as well those who are inexperienced in cycling should choose a 24-inch bike to get experience. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, a person with a short height should choose 24 inches, but we will discuss this in detail.

24 Inch Bike For What Size Person

A 24-inch bike means the dimension of the wheel, and a person’s size includes the person’s height and weight. So, a 24-inch bike is the size of a wheel. 24-inch bikes are made for those whose height lies between 4.5 feet to 4.9 feet. Their weight should not exceed 115 lbs.

A person with this height and weight is mainly considered short-heighted. Now, you must be thinking that only children’s sizes can be between these heights and weights. Yes, a 24-inch bike is indeed suitable for kids who are seven and above. But this is not necessary, only kids can not be of this height. Some short heightened adults can not ride 26-inch bikes or above. So, they prefer to ride 24-inch bikes.

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24-inch bikes are considered good mountain bikes and road bikes for kids aged seven to ten. This bike’s size is enough to carry the kids’ weight. 24-inch bikes are designed for Kids, which means they have lower handlebars and long Seatpost. This is a relaxing and effortless design for kids. Apart from that, a 24-inch bike can not be considered a race bike. Race bikes need big and heavy wheels. The speed of the bike depends on the size of the wheel. This means increasing the size of the wheel simultaneously increases the bike’s speed. So, a 24-inch bike for race purposes is inappropriate.

Can a woman ride a 24-inch bike? Yes, women with short sizes also come in the adult category. So they can also ride this bike easily. Moreover, primarily women’s bikes are fitted with 24-inch wheel dimensions. This is because of the small size of the wheel, which is easily controllable for women.

24-Inch Bike Chart

Below is the chart of 24-inch bikes, which shows kids’ sizes, heights, and ages.

Size of wheels  Max Height in cm Age group 
12 inch 105cm 2-3 years
14 inch 108cm 3-5 years
16 inch 119cm 3-6 years
18 inch 125cm 4-8 years
20 inch 135cm 5-9 years
22 inch 146cm 6-11 years
24 inch 154cm 7 and above


What height is a 24-inch bike good for?

They are most suitable for kids and teens with an estimated height of 4’5″ to 4’9″ inches.

Is a 24-inch bike good for adults?

A 24″ bike is traditionally a category of kids’ bikes, but adults less than 5 inches in height may find it comfortable to ride a 24″ bike.

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Can a 24-inch bike fit in a car?

Yes, most bikes can fit in even small sedans and cars.


I will wrap up this article based on my experience. I have noticed that 24-inch bikes are designed so that every kid from seven and above and every adult person with short height can ride this bike very quickly. But if adults of average size try a 24-inch bike, they can face some health issues. I have also added a chart to help kids’ guardians select the best bike size. The selection of a 24-inch bike according to the size will improve the performance.

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