Best Bikes For 400 lbs Man – Review

Updated on December 14, 2023

Looking for the best bikes for overweight people? Overweight people often face difficulty while cycling. Age and weight more or less affect cycling skills. But it does not mean that you should lose hope and stop cycling. Studies have proved that cycling is a type of exercise that keeps you healthy, and helps you lose calories and weight. There are an enormous number of bikes available for overweight people.

But people often make mistakes when it comes to buying a durable bike with a top-quality frame, cushioning seat, and all the must-have features. In order to save your money and time, I have gathered the 10 best electric and normal bikes for overweight people. So, you can select a quality bike by reading this brief guide.

Best Bikes For 400 lbs Man

There are various types of bikes such as mountain, road, BMX, and fixed gear bikes on the market. But mountain bikes are most suitable for 400 lb people. These bikes can handle heavyweight and provide a soothing ride. The mountain bikes are also used for climbing hills and off-road races. Because these bikes are made of strong material and are more long-lasting as compared to other bikes. Let’s take a glance at the best bikes for 400 lbs man.

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike


  • Fat tires
  • Numbers of speed 7
  • Steel frame
  • Weight 52 pounds

My first pick-up is Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike for overweight people. This bike has knobby wide tires for running on the sand and off-road. High-quality 26 inches tires provide a stable ride. Overweight people are often embarrassed by losing the balance of the bike while riding fast. But this bike is easy to manage and in case of any misadventure, the handlebar allows you can control it. The wide tires can run nearly 40 mph, so you can go anywhere within minutes. You can customize the speed of the bike with the help of shifting gears.

If you want something more than durable then you must choose this bike. The flimsy material cannot lift 400 lbs for a long duration. So, this bike is made of top-quality steel for increasing the service life of the bike. This steel frame can bear heavy bumps and thumps, off-road trips, and also jumps. Plus, this bike provides you with a sports saddle. The sport saddle relaxes your back and provides you with a cushioning seat. You can ride for 5 to 6 hours without feeling pain or fatigue.

This 52 pounds bike possesses disc brakes. Cyclists frequently report brake failure at fast speed. But when riding this bike you do not need to worry about brakes. The high-quality disc brakes stop the bike quickly. If you are a bike lover, you must know about the irritating sound when you pull the brake lever. It is not only embarrassing for you but also irritates other people around you. In order to eliminate all chances of such annoying sounds, this bike uses silent disc brakes.


  • Cool style
  • Easy to assemble
  • Noise resisting brakes


  • Heavyweight

Finding the perfect bike on a long list of choices can confuse you. But the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is trustworthy. High speed, comfortable saddle, wide knobby tire bike with alloy wheels and steel frame, all these features make it one of the best bikes for 400 lbs man. Buy this bike, start exercising and lose weight.

2. Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike


  • Fork suspension
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Aluminum frame
  • Double saddles

My second favorite bike is the Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike. This bike offers two seats so you can wander around with your friend or partner. Not only this, there are two different pedals for front and back cyclists. This long bike is incredibly attractive and provides cozy seats. The springs are attached with saddles to absorb bumps while riding on a beaten road. Furthermore, there are two handles, the front handle for the rider for turning the bike in different directions and the rear handle provides supporting hands for your partner.

The extraordinarily strong frame is made of aluminum. This frame can stand against all harsh conditions. The frame enables this bike to lift 500 lbs. Yes, this weight capacity is more than enough. Most of the double saddle bikes are not good off-road. Such bikes have more chances of losing balance and falling to the ground. But this bike is different. It has dual fork suspensions which diminish all risks of falling down or even thumps. Now you and your friend can enjoy an off-road ride.

You must have seen faded, dim, or roughly painted bikes. These bikes were made of strong material but the manufacturers used low-quality paints. But this bike has superior quality paint finishing which can stand against the sunlight, and humidity, and can face harsh weather conditions. There are different colors available for this bike but the gray looks splendid.

Now you are unstoppable. Because this bike has 7 gears in the rear and 3 gears on the front side. The speed customization feature helps you to ride it fast or use it for exercise mode. The bike also has ergonomic style grips to resist sweating in hot weather and provide a warming experience in the winter. 26-inch wheel size and knobby tires enable the bike to run off-road, in the sand, or in snow.


  • Smooth gear shifter
  • Durable frame
  • Sweat resisting grips


  • The fork is not durable

With all these above and other countless features, this bike is one of the best bikes for 400 lbs man. Either you take your friend or partner, you can enjoy long rides together. There are so many reasons for choosing the Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike but the reason is its 500 lbs weight capacity.

3. Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire

  • 48V 13Ah Battery
  • Full suspension
  • Motor 750 to 1500 W
  • USB charger post included
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Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire is my third recommendation, known for its powerful motor. This bike has a mighty motor of 7500 to 1500 W. It provides an 88 mm torque and enables this bike to climb moderate hills. The bike can run nearly 28 mph maximum. It has an alluring design and a strong frame. As well, the bike is famous for its unique large tires. It has 20-inch tires, the reason they use small tires is to decrease the weight of the bike.

Overweight people are most afraid of losing balance while riding at a fast speed. Moreover, electric bikes are a little hard to control as compared to normal bikes. But you do not need to worry about the balance because this bike possesses two suspensions: back and forth. The front suspension absorbs all the bumps and provides a quality ride. On the other hand, the rear suspension maintains the balance of the bike.

Electric bikes are extremely helpful but riding a little longer heats up their motors. This is the major problem electric bike riders are facing now. To solve this problem it has a brushless motor. Furthermore, it has a 5000 mAh battery which is 1000 times chargeable. The battery enables your bike to run 45 miles per charge. All bike batteries have some pros and cons such as a battery can explode if you overuse it. But this battery has 6 layers of protection to eliminate all chances of a blast.

This bike has countless features, but you do not have enough time to read all of them. It comes with a digital smart computer. The computer shows you all the important information you need to know about bikes such as speed, weather, battery, and so on. Plus, its magnificent quality brakes provide instant response.


  • Smart LCD display
  • Powerful motor
  • Battery protection


  • Slow charge

This bike can clear all the obstacles between you and your goals. The Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire is one of the best bikes for 400 lbs man. It provides a long-duration battery, battery protection, high speed, quality brakes, and a smart computer for essential information. There is no excuse left now, go and buy this bike.

4. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike


  • Dual wall alloy wheels
  • Front suspension fork
  • Aluminum frame
  • 2.25-inch wide tires

My fourth pick-up is Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike known for its knobby tires. This bike is made for rough terrains and provides a smooth, fun ride on rocky paths. The high-profile front suspension absorbs all the bumps and thumps. Balance and stability are major problems for heavyweight people. But this bike provides you full control and 29-inch tires leave not a single chance of misbalancing.

This 39 lbs bike can run 30 to 35 mph. It has 3 gears on the front and 8 gears on the rear side. In simple words, you can enjoy a fast ride. When it comes to high speed, you also need quality brakes to stop the bike. For a quick response, it has top-quality disc brakes. You do not need to worry about the brakes, because they are made of the finest materials and resist speed efficiently.

This bike not only provides a fast ride but also a smooth and cushioned saddle. You can also customize the height of the saddle for training mode. Heavyweight people often suffer from back or elbow pains. This is because they use improperly designed bikes. But this bike is created to align all parts of the body. There is not a single chance of pain in the body, instead, it will diminish the problems of unaligned bones.


  • Fast speed
  • Easy to manage
  • Comfortable seat


  • Hard to assemble

Unlike other bikes, it has comforting grips, so you can hold the handlebar for a long duration. A high-quality aluminum frame can lift 400 lbs weight effortlessly. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain bike is perfect in all aspects, that’s why you must buy it. Save your bucks, and buy this price-friendly bike.

5. Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike


  • Aggressive look
  • Front and back suspension
  • Speed 21
  • Muscle relaxing handle style

My fifth pick-up is Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike with 21-speed. This bike has 3 gears in the front and 7 gears on the rear side. You can run the bike faster or you can use it for training mode. Moreover, there are front and rear disc brakes. All you need is to pull the lever slightly and the bike will stop the bike. As well, the service life of its brakes is about 1200 miles. Yes, these brakes are highly durable and provide the same results in all conditions.

Assembling the bike parts is a hard job and sometimes you need professionals for it. Professionals charge you 100 dollars for putting together bike parts. But this bike has easy-to-assemble parts. It comes with nuts and bolts, you just need a hand wrench for assembly. It takes almost 15 minutes maximum to assemble it. Make sure you properly tighten the nuts and bolts.

This bike has two suspensions: one for the front wheel and the next for the rear side. The front suspension fork is to maintain the balance and the rear side suspension provides you a soothing ride. The purpose of using suspensions on the sides is to maximize stability while riding and absorbing heavy bumps. Plus, the saddle has a customization height feature.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong alloy wheels
  • Available in different colors


  • Flimsy tires

Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike has all the features of an expensive bike. Different speeds, superior performance brakes, and lightweight frame make it one of the best bikes for 400 lbs man. Whether you ride it on rough terrain or climb hills, this bike will provide the same performance in hard conditions.

6. Ancheer Orange Sunshine Electric Mountain Bike


  • Waterproof plugs
  • 20 mph speed
  • Rear shock-absorbing seat
  • Dual layer aluminum wheels

My sixth recommendation is Ancheer Orange Sunshine Electric Mountain known for its super performance. This electric bike can take you anywhere because it has a powerful motor. The 350 W motor is able to generate 50 nm torque. Plus, the eye-catching tires and aluminum wheels provide you with a bump-free ride. This bike will pass over anything no matter whether rocks or undulations come in its way.

This 50 lbs bike runs faster than any other bike. Maybe you are unable to understand that it is a heavyweight bike so how can it have high speed? But the brushless 350 W motor can provide you with 20 mph speed. Sometimes the heavy load bikes and powerful motors heat up quickly. It not only destroys the motor but is also a life-risking phenomenon. But this bike possesses a high-profile brushless motor which provides better performance as compared to normal motors. In addition, it does not heat up even if you use the bike for 24 hours.

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Moreover, this bike provides four levels of speed to support you. You can switch the bike on pedals or use a pedal assisting mode. If you are tired and do not want to pedal or suffer from a fever, you can use throttle mode. In this way, you do not need to pedal the bike and be able to reach your destination without wasting your energy.

This bike has a long list of features such as its disc brakes. The brakes can stop the bike within seconds and prevent any kind of damage. There is not a single chance of the brake failing at fast speed. As well, this bike comes with 85 percent assembled. The rest of the 15 percent takes 5 to 10 minutes maximum for putting together all the parts.


  • Hydraulic disc brake system
  • Robust frame
  • Easy to replace parts


  • Pricey

This bike provides a convenient replacement of the parts. In case of any misadventure, you can replace any part of the bike at home to save your money. If you observe closely, this bike is a masterpiece. So, avail the opportunity and buy Ancheer Orange Sunshine Electric Mountain before you regret it.

7. AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike


  • Rear shelf
  • 750 W motor
  • SW-U-LCD
  • Display 3 running modes

AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike is the seventh best bike for 400 lbs man. This bike comes with three running modes. First, is the normal pedal mode in which you apply force to run the bike. Then comes the pedal assisting mode. This mode can help you to run the bike longer and faster than the normal pedal mode. Plus, it will save energy. The third mode is ebike or throttle mode in which you do not need to pedal the bike but the bike will work as a scooter.

Now nights and darkness cannot stop you because this bike has a top-quality headlight. The headlight is provided to prevent you from any kind of danger. In addition, it has an LCD display. The smart digital display shows your speed, gears, and charging and informs you in case of a low battery. The battery charges within 1 and half hours and provides you a 35 km long charge duration. As well, you can remove the battery if you want to upgrade it.

If you are a student and feel difficulty carrying a heavy bag of books then you should know that this bike provides a rear shelf. You can take books or other luggage with you by putting them on the shelf. The seat adjustability and height customization can help you to set the height of the seat. When it comes to a cycle in this modern age, people consider riding a bike a tiresome job. But this bike provides a comfy seat which opens the doors to a relaxing ride.

There is no doubt that this is one of the strongest bikes ever made in the 21st century. The aluminum frame and long-lasting wheels are unable to break, tear or wear out in any condition. Well, there is good news for the people who are still skeptical about its durability. The manufacturer provides a 365 days warranty. You can contact the company in case of any misfortune.


  • Saddle height adjustability
  • Speed customization
  • Large LCD display


  • The bike is not waterproof

There are thousands of bikes available but this bike is different from all of them. Speed, durability, reliability and heavyweight lifting all these features provide you with a perfect bike. You can run it on rough terrains or take it on the snow, AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike will provide you more than super performance.

8. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike


  • Gear indicator
  • 4 to 5 hours charging timing
  • Weight 48 pounds
  • 20-inch tires

My eighth pick-up is Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike famous for its looks. Anybody can fall in love with this bike because it has a fascinating and splendid look. The bike is available in two colors: white and black. Both of these colors give it a decent and fabulous appearance. Plus, 20-inch fat tires make it more aggressive. The rubber tires are made of high-quality material to bear any kind of pressure. Knobby tires perfectly grip the ground and are extremely supportive while climbing.

Some bikes come with computers or LCD displays. These features are good but their purpose is to show you speed and charging. Such devices are delicate and can tear apart if the bike falls on the ground. But this bike has something incredible. It has different indicators made of strong material. Such as a charging indicator or a gear indicator. These indicators provide the same job as expensive bikes’ LCDs and computers do. And the indicators are more durable than those other devices.

If you are fond of exploring caves and deserts then this bike is made for you. The height of this bike is about 37 inches and its weight is 48 pounds. Yes, you can ride it anywhere, no matter how short the height cave is. But it does not mean this bike is made for short-height places. Basically, the height, weight, and tire size are for all types of people: short, tall, fat, or skinny. As well, you can fully control this bike and prevent misbalancing.

There is a smart lock that secures your bike if you leave the bike in public. But when it comes to standing a bike, most of the manufacturers do not provide any kind of kickstand. To solve this problem, it possesses a kickstand and a secure lock so you can get off the bike and take a tour on your feet with your family. But make sure you lock the bike accurately.


  • Long duration battery
  • 365 days warranty
  • Incredible brakes


  • Ideal for Short-height people

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike can change your cycling experience. The purpose is not to change your previous product but to provide you with a more satisfying product. So, instead of overthinking about the bike, go and buy it before all the products are sold. This time you can get benefit from the sale.

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9. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike


  • 10 Ah battery
  • Low-Step frame design
  • Rear rack
  • USB charging port

The second last bike I added to the list of my best bike for 400 lbs man is the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike. expensive bikes possess all the top qualities to run on the beaten roads but only a few of them come with fenders. This bike is one of those few bikes. The back fender resists all the mud and keeps your bike clean. There is also a back rack so you can give a lift to your friend. The back rack can lift 150 to 200 lbs easily.

The 10 Ah strong battery takes a short duration of about 2 to 3 hours to charge. The battery is not in the middle of the bike but is installed on the rear side. Because it will help the bike to distribute the pressure. The battery has multiple protective layers, so in case of an explosion, the sheet will protect you. A fully charged battery is able to run 25 miles in throttle mode and 40 miles in paddle assisting mode. Plus, the brushless geared-up motor provides 19 mph speed.

This bike has all the unique features from tires to body design and digital meter to USB charging port. Low-step geometry design helps you to get on and off the bike effortlessly. Moreover, it maintains balance and stability while riding at a fast speed. If you are a professional biker who loves to climb hills and compete in off-road races you must know how hard to tackle tire punctures. But when you have this bike you do not need to worry about punctures. Because it has the strongest quality tires made of rubber.

The three-speed mode features support you. If you are tired and unable to pedal the bike, you can use throttle mode. Pedal assisting and normal pedal mode can increase battery duration. Additionally, it has an LCD device for recording all the speed, charging, time, weather, and so on. You can charge your phone by plugging a cable into the USB port.


  • Comes with front and rear fenders
  • Versatile design
  • Fascinating look


  • Not a long battery duration

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike can compete with any racing bike. This is the most inexpensive electric bike on my list yet. It not only saves your energy by providing you with a pedal assistance mode but also allows you to save money for more stuff. So, do not fall in doubt, buy this bike and save your money.

10. Angotrade Electric Bike


  • Portable
  • 22 mph top speed
  • 50 nm torque power motor
  • Weight 29.5 lbs

Angotrade Electric Bike is my last recommendation for people who need a price-friendly and high-quality bike. This bike has two side shocks, the rear side, and the front side. Moreover, it has 26-inch tires. Shocks and large tires absorb all the bumps and thumps. As well as, they provide overall control to the ride by turning the bike left and right directions at a fast speed.

Trips are incomplete without cycling. Unlike other bikes, you can open all the parts of this bike and take this bike anywhere in your car. You do not need extra skills to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts. You can open and reassemble the bike within 20 minutes or even less than 20 minutes.

This bike also has a brushless motor for the optimum amount of torque and speed. The 250 W motor is able to generate 50 nm of torque. Yes, you can climb a hill easily with this power. Another amazing factor has left to reveal: the speed of this bike. This bike can run at 22 mph speed as well as increase the speed in a pedal assisting mode.


  • Fordable
  • 4 link shock absorber
  • Removable battery to upgrade


  • The seat is too short

This bike may not be one of the best bikes for 400 lbs man but it is near to the best. You can test the durability of the bike, speed, motor, or all the features. If you feel there is any problem, you can return it or also send it for free repair. Angotrade Electric Bike is not less than any other bike in comfortability and convenience.


Can the morbidly obese ride a bike?

If you want to lose weight then using a bike will be the best decision. Morbidity obese can ride bikes but make sure you buy a bike with fat tires and a powerful frame.

What is the maximum weight a bike can take?

The average weight of a biker is about 260 lbs. But there are special bikes with fat tires and incredible load capacities such as 300, 400, or 500 lbs.

How fat is too fat to ride a bike?

300 lbs are too fat to ride a bike. But it does not mean you should give up. You can use a heavy load capacity bike.

Do fat tire bikes hold more weight?

Yes, fat tire bikes are made to hold more weight. Because they can stick on the ground more efficiently than thin tires. As well as, fat tire bikes are the best in balancing and delivering optimum stability.


If people mock, bully or make fun of you because you are bulky then surprise them by losing weight fast. You can go running daily but buying a bike will be more beneficial. First, it will inspire you to compete with other riders. Second, it will set a daily routine of exercising. Anyhow, if you want to buy a durable, charming, fancy, fat tire and the best bike for a 400 lbs man, you can pick a bike from the above bikes. But if you are still confused about which bike you should choose, an electric or a normal bike then here are my two most recommended items.

  1. Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire, is the most powerful electric bike on the list with high speed, sufficient torque, and incredible battery timing.
  2. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is an affordable, long-lasting, and strong-frame bike that can lift more than 400 lbs.

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