Best Bikes for Heavy People – Review

Updated on December 14, 2023

Having a bike is a perk, as riding it at high speed can give an adrenaline rush. But if you are heavy than the average weight range of bike, this can make you sad—no worries as there are so many best bikes for heavy people with all features. Here is a list of these bikes to make things easy for you. Check this out and pick the most suitable option for you.

Best Bikes for Heavy People

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike


  • Steel frame
  • Sports seats
  • 7-speed options of Shimano derailleur
  • 26-inch Knulk tire diameter

Are you on the heavy side but concerned about the appearance of your bike? This product will work for you if you add a beautiful rim according to your personality preferences. Also, it has the thickest tires to hold your weight efficiently, as slim tires tear with time. In contrast, these thick and durable tires stay with you in the long run without showing a reduction in performance.

Moreover, thick tires not only ensure durability but also gives you the best traction and let you ride comfortably on rough surfaces. Furthermore, it has an MTB steel frame, which can efficiently bear heavy weight to add longevity. So if you want something that makes sure comfortable ride while handling weight effortlessly, this is for you.

Furthermore, the rear Shimano derailleur of 7 speeds lets you enjoy things according to you. You can change mode smoothly, which gives you the riding experience, you were looking for. With all these amazing features, the Mongoose Dolomite Fat tire bike comes at an affordable price. So to get real value for your money, choose it for the perfect gaming experience.


  • Durable built
  • Work perfectly for heavy rider
  • affordable


  • The bike itself is heavy

Mongoose Dolomite Fat tire bike has the prominent feature,i.e., its fat tires perfectly handle your weight. Also, these tires provide good traction and absorb shocks on bumpy roads. However, the bike itself is on the heavy side, but it adds well to bike value. This is a perfect combination of comfort and performance.

2. Mongoose Malus Flat Tires Bike


  • Steel mountain-style frame
  • Alloy rims
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain

Mongoose Malus Flat tires bike is another amazing product from the same brand because of its quality fat tires that can handle the weight of heavy riders. Moreover, these tires let you cross any road hurdles with ease. If you want an off-road ride but cannot compromise on comfort, this is what you should pick. These tires can absorb road shocks flawlessly and provide the required smooth ride.

To add to comfort, tires are not the only thing as it has a mountain-style frame to ensure good performance on rough roads. Moreover, the disc brakes and alloy rims combine to give you control over your ride. These brakes are precise enough to keep you away from accidents. This is the safest option because the control it provides is unbeatable.

Furthermore, a smooth ride is also possible because the rear derailleur allows you to shift gears without any glitches. Also, the frame construction is made of steel that can bear any environmental changes without rust and corrosion. This is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and comfort.


  • Gives complete control
  • Durable steel frame
  • Best speed control


  • The seat is not 100% comfortable

Mongoose Malus Flat tires bike lets you experience everything you want, i.e., from comfort to good control. With eight brakes and allow rims, you can control the bike even at high speed, while the rear derailleur makes this shifting smooth. If you want all this, get one for yourself.

3. Electric Mountain Bike for Big And Tall Guys: Ancheer Orange Sunshine


  • Back storage basket
  • 1000W brushless motor
  • 48V battery
  • Front-V brake, rear expansion brake

If you want the best bikes for heavy riders but an electric option, then Ancheer Orange Sunshine is a quality product. This advanced electric bike allows you to use electric mode to reach quickly. In contrast, you can turn off the electric mode and use it like a regular bike for exercise. This is 2 in 1 option for you in this price range.

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This bike has a 350W motor to give enough power, as with a full charge, you can easily cover 20-40 miles based on the speed. This battery timing makes it ideal for long rides without any worries about battery charge. On electric mode, the motor allows you to enjoy a 20 mph speed which is quite high compared to other bikes. Moreover, even at this speed, you get good control over it.

Furthermore, this bike lets you experience three modes, i.e., ebike, pedal assist, and normal bike. You can switch according to your ride requirement. If you are tired, use ebike, while to increase battery timing, try assist mode and normal bike mode to burn some calories. This is the perfect bike for heavy rides that let you enjoy everything without compromising on anything.


  • Easy to ride
  • Storage space
  • Good weight capacity


  • Little expensive

Ancheer Orange Sunshine is one of the electric range’s best bikes for heavy people. This is a perfect blend of advanced features to let you add luxury to your life. Also, its three modes allow you to choose the right one for you based on your mood. If you want something versatile, this will surely work for you.

4. Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire

Do you want something to use for long drives? Cyrusher XF800 1000W flat tire is what you should consider because of its powerful design. This is also an electric bike with a powerful motor and high-capacity battery which is perfect for long drives. However, this is an expensive option, but its performance is totally worth your money.

Its frame has aluminum alloy construction for durability. At the same time, the fat tire design adds comfort and provides a smooth ride every time. Moreover, these tires make the product suitable for all road types, and this is what you need if you love traveling. Also, it has double suspension to absorb shocks, and hydraulic brakes give you the control you want. These features make it the safest option for fat riders.

Furthermore, with this bike, you get Cyrusher XF800, which is a 750-1500W motor to let you experience high speed. Moreover, the three-mode feature makes it a versatile option. These modes include ebike, pedal-assisted, and normal bike, you can choose one based on situation demand. This is for you if you have a height between 5’2″ and -6’1″.


  • High-quality materials
  • Full suspension and hydraulic brakes
  • Large LCD display


  • Expensive option

Cyrusher XF800 1000W flat tire bike is a bit heavy on your budget, but its performance and features make it worth buying. If you can afford this price tag, don’t ignore this as it is a perfect mix of performance and looks. This can be the best companion for long drives.

5. Sixthreezero Hybrid-Bicycles EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle


  • 26-inch wheels
  • Aluminum frame
  • Suntour suspension fork 80mm
  • Shimano derailleur has 8 speeds

If you are on the heavy side and looking for something to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, check out this amazing-looking bike. This slim design can efficiently bear heavy weight, but its aluminum frame makes it a lightweight option. Also, the 80 mm Suntour suspension fork adds more durability. You can use this for daily exercise.

The 26-inch tires can bear additional weight and provide good traction on all roads. Moreover, the body of this bike is uniquely designed to give you smooth rides even on bumpy roads. Also, these tires are responsible for providing stable rides. For me, these thick tires are what make it star and let it be a part of these best bikes for heavy people.

In case this tire size is still small for you, you can easily upgrade them and fluent the bigger tires. This is not an expensive option; therefore, tire replacement is affordable. For more stability, this bike has front and back hand brakes that let you experience 7-speed options with smooth shifting. This is a perfect pick for a person who wants control and stability.


  • Rear rack
  • Fast assembly
  • Lightweight frame


  • The saddle is a bit thin

Sixthreezero Hybrid bike can be the right option for you if comfort matters for you. Its thick tires make it suitable for mountains and rough roads. This is what you need for smooth rides without disturbing your budget.

6. Firmstrong Cruiser-Bicycles Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle


  • Aluminum rims
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Saddle with spring support
  • Stainless steel

Firmstrong Cruiser-Bicycle is all about eye-catching appearance and good looks. This stylish-looking bike is what you need to level up your personality. However, if you think this is only about looks, you are wrong, as this is the perfect blend of performance and good looks. Its advanced features provide durability, performance, and comfort.

Best bikes for heavy people have a thick frame that snatches away the attraction from the bike. However, in the case of this bike, the slim design has a sturdy frame to bear weight. Also, it has a quality saddle, thick tires, and a reliable hand brake to make your ride comfortable. So even being nothing like regular bikes for heavy riders, it lets you enjoy a comfortable ride.

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This bike has a thick top to carry weight but a lightweight aluminum frame that can carry 375 lbs easily. Moreover, thick tires make it suitable for all terrains as no matter whether you want to use it on the road or beach, you get a convenient ride with maximum control. Also, the large saddle has a spring to make every drive comfortable by absorbing the road shocks. Choose this to enjoy quality with style.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Reliable hand brake


  • Assembly is tricky

Firmstrong Cruiser-Bicycle is what someone asks to get visual satisfaction while keeping quality on priority. Buy this bike to boost your styling profile and enjoy rides on all roads. This will give you the best control over it, so don’t miss it.

7. Best for 500 lbs Man: Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike


  • Aluminum frame
  • Low step-thru rear bar
  • 21-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur

If you have a weight range that is not even common in the best bikes for heavy rides, then check this product with 500lbs weight lifting capacity. This is possible because of its design and construction quality. Moreover, it has 2 seat design that lets you use it for 2 people with collectively 500 lbs weight. This is also the right bike for the combination of slim and fat best friends.

Furthermore, it has a well-constructed aluminum frame, making it lightweight yet durable. Generally, aluminum has less weight carrying capacity than 500 lbs, but its frame design boosts it to 500 lbs. With this bike, you get a proper instruction menu that tells you how to assemble the bike step-by-step. Using the guide, you can build it in minutes without assistance.

Also, to make it user-friendly for short riders, the company add an extra low step-thru rear bar. For comfort, it has grips that keep your hand at ease for long rides. The right handle height and Schwinn suspension fork let you control it properly. The brake system allows you to stop the bike on time to avoid accidents. For smooth rides, it has 21-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and a rear derailleur, letting the rider gear shift without any glitch.


  • lightweight and strong aluminum frame
  • Can hold up two riders
  • Carry 500 lbs effortlessly
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not high-speed option

Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem bike is what works for you with 400+ lbs weight. Also, it has two seat options to carry 500 lbs riders simultaneously. Moreover, the control it gives you is amazing. If you can compromise on the speed, then don’t ignore it.

8. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike


  • Aluminum mountain frame
  • Schwinn suspension forks
  • 24-speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters and derailleurs
  • Disc braking system

Suppose you are looking for an option that works flawlessly irrespective of the terrain you choose. In that case, the Schwinn Bonafide Men’s bike is what you should consider. This perfectly designed product is not only about performance but also a visual treat for bike lovers. Moreover, people tight on a budget can afford this option because of its pocket-friendly price.

Furthermore, manufacturers add Schwinn suspension forks to make them comfortable on bumpy roads or mountain areas for the best shock absorption. To ensure a 100% smooth ride, an advanced gear system plays a vital role. Therefore, it has 24-speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters and derailleurs that make your ride comfortable no matter which road you choose.

The tires are also thick with 29 inches in width and 2.25 inches knobby to bear bumpy surfaces. This is also a feature responsible for comfy rides. These big-sized tires give balance and absorb road shocks. To make a bike safe, brakes play a major role; its front and rear disc braking system give you time stopping experience to keep things on the safer side.


  • lightweight mountain bike
  • Good performance
  • Good looks


  • Front tires can be touched on feet

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s bike can be the right option for you if you want something with all-road performance and colorful looks. This stylish bike can boost your riding experience through advanced gears and brake systems. So, don’t ignore it as it will be your loss.

9. Best Folding Exercise Bike for Heavy Person: VIVI Electric Bike for Adults


  • Metal frame construction
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • Removable lithium-Ion front battery
  • Foldable design

Are you living in a small apartment with no space for a bike? VIVI electric bike is a foldable bike that is suitable for small spaces. Try this bike as the best way to lose some calories. Besides this foldable feature, this bike has a durable and sturdy frame that can easily carry a heavy person of 330lbs. This is what makes it able to be a part of this list.

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Moreover, if you want something portable, then this also works here. As this bike has a metal frame that is lightweight yet sturdy. Combining lightweight and foldable features is the right pick for a portable bike. Also, the 21-speed professional transmission system gives smooth gear shifting and lets you control it precisely.

Furthermore, as an electric bike, it has a brushless 250W rear hub motor to provide good speed even carrying heavy weight. Also, the 26 “wear-resistant tires give the best rides on all road types. The aluminum alloy rims add more to tires’ durability and strengthen them. Lastly, the working modes let you keep things according to you.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Foldable design
  • Three riding modes


  • No cons

The VIVI electric bike is suitable for small spaces because of its foldable design but still can carry heavy weight. Also, the lightweight metal frame makes it portable. If you want these features, add this bike to your next month’s budget.

10. Schwinn Mikko and Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike


  • Light & sturdy frame
  • 26″ wide wheels
  • Aluminum alloy rims
  • Single speed

Do you like things slim and stylish? Check out this beautiful-looking beach bike to spend some good moments with your friends and family. Don’t let its slim design fool you, as it can effortlessly carry heavy people. It has a steel cruiser frame that can move people with an above-average weight range.

The handles are like upright stems to keep you upright. Also, the seat adds to this purpose because of dual springs. The 26 inches diameter tires with forks are this bike’s main feature that makes it able to carry extra weight even on rough roads. This is more like a simple bike that can carry weight but has no additional settings and adjustments.

This is an ideal pick for people who like simple things and want something to ride with no additional features. It has good brakes, a strong body, and proper design to provide an unbeatable riding experience. There are no speed-shifting options or any gears. This is a pocket-friendly, good-looking, simple product to provide a traditional bike riding experience.


  • Wide tires
  • Full rear and front fenders
  • Affordable price


  • Not for rough surfaces

Schwinn Mikko and Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is a simple bike with a heavy weight-bearing capacity. This is for people who avoid complex things because of simple functioning. Choose this pocket-friendly option to enjoy simplicity with style.


Can a 350 lb person ride a bike?

Yes, a 350 lb person can ride a bike but needs to pick the bike wisely. To ensure durability with this weight range, the cycle should have a sturdy frame and thick tires to handle the weight. There are so many best bikes for heavy people available in the market. You can choose one for you effortlessly, even with an exceptional weight range.

Does weight matter when buying a bike?

Every bike has a specific weight limit that it can handle without disturbing performance. But when you cross the boundary, it weighs down the frame and can reduce its durability. Therefore, if you are more than 250lbs, don’t forget to pick one for your from the best bikes for heavy people range to get something durable.

How much weight can an aluminum bike frame hold?

Although aluminum frames are light in weight but can handle heavy weight, a properly constructed frame can take weights from 275 and 325 lbs without affecting performance.

The Bottom Line

Buying a bike is not about a small investment and takes a big part of your fortune; therefore, it needs good care during purchase. However, if you are on the heavy rider side, you have to consider the best bikes for heavy people as these bikes come with features to bear weight. If you ignore the bike’s built and weight limit, this is a waste of money. I have shared the best products for you, but these are my top 3 favorite options.

  • Cyrusher XF800 1000W Flat Tire: this is the best electric bike for heavy riders. It has good power, three driving modes, and sturdy construction. This is overall a great product.
  • Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike: This is best for extra heavy riders as it can hold 500 lbs effortlessly. Also, it has two seats, so you can use it for two rides. The weight limit is what makes it my top favorite option.
  • Speeded Electric Bike: This is a foldable and portable option with all fantastic features. Also, with these features, it can carry heavy people effortlessly.

Choose your bike wisely by considering your requirements first, then look at the available option. This way, you can get the best value for your money.

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