Where Are Rad Power Bikes Made

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Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American bike manufacturer company. Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor made this company in 1971. This company was established for the manufacturing of concrete houses. Later, Ron Davis, who came to Cannondale from CBS laboratories, made lighter bicycle bags. Then Todd Paterson joined the company and made bicycle frames. They both … Read more

Where Are Trek Bikes Made – ( July, 2024 )

In December 1975, Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg established Trek Bicycle. In 1976, Trek made approximately 900 custom metal framesets of the cycle. Later in 1977, it became the first Trek retailer in the world. There are more than 5000 retailers worldwide with a solid network to ensure good after-sales services. Trek Bikes grew into … Read more

What Happened to Sacred Steel Bikes ?

Wondering what happened to sacred steel bikes? Sacred steel is a shop owned by Jason Wilson. It is a customized motorbikes manufacturer shop in which Jason Wilson makes new bikes with his innovation. So, he opened this shop to do business and started his business many years ago. It has been 16 years now since … Read more

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