What Happened to Sacred Steel Bikes ?

Updated on October 1, 2023

Wondering what happened to sacred steel bikes? Sacred steel is a shop owned by Jason Wilson. It is a customized motorbikes manufacturer shop in which Jason Wilson makes new bikes with his innovation. So, he opened this shop to do business and started his business many years ago. It has been 16 years now since Jason Wilson began his work by making a trike for his brother. So he works together with a group of friends, and they work very hard and never look back.

This group of friends consists of multi-talented people from different career backgrounds. Some of them are automotive engineers who are passionate about making motorbikes. In fact, some artisans are also part of the club. However, Jason Wilson is very passionate about the chopper and makes a motorbike club. Actually, chopper means modified motorbike. So this means the Sacred steel team can convert a standard motorbike into a modified one. Moreover, they provide the bike to the customer in the way the rider wants to ride.

Based on this unique work, one of the well-known TV channels got ready to give their work international level recognition, but something went wrong during its broadcasting. What happened to Sacred Steel Bikes? Let us explore this.

What Is Sacred Steel Bike

Sacred Steel Bike is a TV series played on the Discovery channel. This series was about a garage in which customized motorbikes were made. This series was started in Los Angeles, California. It was popular enough. The Sacred Steel Bike series was created in 2016. This series goes up to six episodes. It can not go further. What happened to Sacred Steel Bikes? We will discuss it further.

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What Happened To Sacred Steel Bikes

The sacred steel bikes series’ first season was launched on September 12, 2016. It was a reality TV show focusing on the journey of the owner of Sacred steel. As we know from the first paragraph of the article, Jason Wilson was the owner of the sacred series. So, this series revolves around Jason Wilson’s life. This series was produced by Half Yard Productions and a group of executive producers. Sacred steel bikes were not a typical shop for repairing motorbikes. It was different from any other shop. In this series, mechanics work together to make a unique customized base motorbike.

Sacred steel bikes consist of six episodes. Season one was not supposed to play only six episodes. They aimed to extend the episodes and seasons yearly like other TV shows. But in the meantime, the channel stopped broadcasting. All six episodes showed different content. All episodes were interrelated to each other.

First Episode: In the first episode, Jason Wilson tends to put his customized chopper shop on the map. So, he works hard to build a statement motorbike.

Second Episode: In the second episode, Janson Wilson works on a painting of motorbikes. He took help with painting the motorbikes from David Mann. So this episode’s title is David Mann Chopper.

Third Episode: The third episode’s title was The Trike, Part I. In this episode, Janson Wilson starts his work by making the first trike motorbike for his brother. This content extends into two episodes.

Fourth Episode: So the fourth episode’s title was The Trike, Part II.

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Fifth Episode: In the fifth episode, The Douche Larouche, a mechanical team builds a low bike called a digger. They have to develop modified motorbikes with their hands. So, the title of the fifth episode was The Digger.

Sixth Episode: Jason Wilson and Douche Larouche plan a motorbike night together in the sixth episode. The title of the sixth episode was The Dutch.

The Sacred Steel Bikes series was popular enough among motorbike lovers. The series’ audience was limited because it was not necessary to be widely liked by the whole country or world. Everyone has their own choices of interest. So, the series premiere got about 0.8 million views and a 0.3 rating with the 18-49 demographic. No doubt, the characters in the series were full of energy and entertaining. It was excitingly a good experience for the target audience to see a group of passionate people putting their effort altogether to get their desired result.

Besides all the excitement in episodes of season one, this series does not work well. TV channels have to cancel the Sacred Steel Bike show. Discovery Channel decided not to telecast other seasons. Now you might think, what happened to the Sacred Steel Bikes show? No one mentioned the exact reason. But there were some rumors after the cancellation of the series.

These rumors were about the channel policy. Like The Discovery channel feels that the series content is just for a limited target audience. The track expected a high rating, but this series could not beat its expectations. Logically if the show rating is not up to the mark, then the channel loses its interest in telecasting the show on TV. So, What happened to Sacred Steel Bikes is discussed in detail. The above rumors might be the reason for canceling the show.

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Sacred steel bikes is a TV show which was on air on the Discovery channel in 2016. It was a reality Tv show based on the journey of Janson Wilson, the owner of Sacred steel. This Tv show gets canceled by the channel during the first season. What happened to sacred steel bikes that came to an end so soon? This article is all about the reason behind this.

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