Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made

Updated on August 17, 2023

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American bike manufacturer company. Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor made this company in 1971. This company was established for the manufacturing of concrete houses. Later, Ron Davis, who came to Cannondale from CBS laboratories, made lighter bicycle bags.

Then Todd Paterson joined the company and made bicycle frames. They both merged this previous concrete housing company into a bike manufacturing company. Cyclists worldwide prefer Cannondale bikes because it has become an international brand for producing some of the best bikes in the industry.

Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made

The concept of Cannondale Bikes originated in the United States. So, Cannondale is an American Brand. But the United States has stopped the production of Cannondale Bikes for some reasons. In 2010, Cannondale stopped making bike frames in the United States. Now, few of these bikes are made in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia includes Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

But most of the standard Cannondale bikes are manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Taiwan is producing the best Cannondale bikes. These bikes are comparatively more expensive than other brands, but some affordable bikes are made in Southeast countries like Vietnam. Although the United States stopped the process of manufacturing, some assembling still takes place in the US.

Cannondale is all handmade bikes. These bikes are made with Aluminum. All Aluminum bikes were made in the United States from 1983 to 2009. For this, a massive amount of labor is required in the industry. So, the cost of labor becomes a liability for the company. However, Dorel Industries purchased Cannondale in 2008. Dorel Industries in the United States decided to stop Cannondale production for this issue.

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Only some parts of assembling are taken place in the US. Otherwise, most of the manufacturing and making procedure is conducted in Taiwan. In April 2009, it was announced that all production would be transferred to Taiwan. The labor cost in Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries is cheap compared to the United States.

Cannondale bikes are world-famous bikes. They have maintained its quality and worked on innovation since its first creation. When a cyclist has to choose a standard bicycle, he straightforwardly goes with Cannondale because it has made its name, and more than that, it has maintained its reputation. So, we can say that this brand name is enough. There are different models of Cannondale bikes. All these models vary from each other in terms of their function and prices. A list of additional Cannondale Bikes is given below.

  • Cannondale Synapse
  • Cannondale Topstone
  • Cannondale Quick
  • Cannondale Habit
  • Cannondale Bad Boy
  • Cannondale Trail Series
  • Cannondale CAAD series
  • Cannondale E-Bike Selection
  • E-Road
  • E-Fitness
  • E-Mountain
  • E-Urban
  • E-Touring


Is Cannondale a Good Brand?

Yes, all cyclists will agree that Cannondale bikes are good.

Why Are Cannondale Bikes So Expensive?

Cannondale bikes are expensive due to the innovation and technology incorporated into their cycles.

Are Cannondale mountain bikes good?

Yes, Cannondale mountain bikes are good.


I have learned from experience that a professional cyclist always chooses Cannondale bikes. He will not compromise and sacrifice for the price. Whatever the cost of bikes is, he will manage to buy Cannondale bikes. These bikes are high-quality and better-performance bikes. The best part of Cannondale bikes is now every cyclist can afford these bikes. However, its type and model can vary depending on the price range. When Dorel industries acquired Cannondale bikes, some affordable ones were made in East Asia and Southeast Asia. So, everyone can afford these bikes now.

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