Where Are Rad Power Bikes Made

Updated on September 29, 2023

Do you want to buy an electric bike? You have heard so much about Rad Power bikes, but you do not know precisely what it is or where are these Rad Power bikes made? Which models are available? What will be the price range? So, all you need to do is read this article. You will get all your answers here.

Mike Radenbaugh is the founder and CEO of North America’s largest bike manufacturing company, Rad Power Bikes. Mike Radenbaugh spent hours in his garage, joining different spare parts of his old bicycles. So, finally, he made a battery-powered ride. His mother gave his innovation a name, which is Rad Power Bikes. Hence, it was founded in 2007.

Mike Radenbaugh became a bike maker, but he did not stop thinking at this point. Mike and his friend worked hard together and made an innovative version of the electric bike that can replace cars, trucks, and other vehicles. So, he gave his new innovative bike a name, RadRover. RadRover was just the beginning of his journey. He did not stop there. He made many other designs and models of electric bikes. In new models, Mike slimmed down the size of batteries. He worked on more elegant frames. Let’s read where Rad Power Bikes are made.

Where Are Rad Power Bikes Made

Rad Power bikes are made in China. As the headquarter of the electric bikes company is in Seattle, Washington. So, bikes are designed in the United States, but manufacturing and assembling of all procedures occur in China. You might be thinking that what is the reason behind this? The reason is to control the cost. This means that the manufacturing process is less costly in China compared to the United States. So, it is advantageous for the United States company to send their design to China for other processes.

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Rad Power Bikes are designed in the United States, but these bikes are manufactured and assembled in China. Electric bikes are made up of Aluminum and steel. Parts of bikes are identical for all models of electric bikes. But some specific electric bikes require specific details. However, these electric bikes undergo several processes in the warehouse. Hence, the assembling process for every electric bike model is the same.

Every electric bike manufacturing factory has two assembly lines. In this process, different parts are joined together. These parts may include tires, frames, chains, break handles, gear selectors, bike motors, batteries, and pedals. All these parts are assembled with the hand. So this process takes some time. This means that the assembling process takes a minimum of five hours to join different parts of electric bikes. After that, the production line produces at least three thousand bikes daily with and without motors.

Rad Power bikes are manufactured with the best quality components. Still, Some reviewers repeatedly complain about Rad Power Bikes’s poor customer service and how they received orders with faulty or broken parts. On top of that, late shipping issue is also noticed by users of electric bikes.

The price range of Rad Power bikes is different for different models. The more you invest, the more you can get your hands on a quality electric bike. Their prices are not too high. Their price range is from $1200 to $2000. This means these bikes are pretty affordable.

Rad Power bike manufacturers did not stop their innovation by introducing only one electric bike to the world. They have made several other models as well. These models are used explicitly for specific rides. Some of them are award-winning models. Let us discuss these models below.

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Models of Rad Power Bikes

RadCity: These electric bikes are built to ride on the path and on off-road adventures. This is an award-winning model.

RadRover: These electric bikes are built for long trips. These are electric bikes with fat tires.

Road Runner: These electric bikes are built for passenger utility purposes. These are just like a scooter.

Rad Expand: These electric bikes are built to save space. These are foldable and powerful bikes.

Red Wagon: These electric bikes are built to carry passengers or cargo any object.

Read Mission: These electric bikes are built to enjoy a classic ride feel. This bike’s frame is lighter. This is also an award-winning model.


I have learned from experience that Rad Power Bikes are high-quality bikes, and the United States has not hidden the fact that they are involved only in designing bikes. The actual manufacturing process of these bikes takes place in China. In China, all parts are assembled and go through different handmade processes. So, we can say that Rad Power Bikes are made in China. That’s why these Bikes are pretty affordable too.

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