Who Makes Motobecane Bikes – ( June, 2024 )

Updated on January 20, 2024

Motobecane and Motobècane are two different bike companies. Motobecane bikes are made in Taiwan, while Motobecane bikes are made in France. Motobecane was established in 1923. But it got bankrupt, so it could not work and get close. In this article, we will focus on Motobecane.

Motobecane bikes are made in Taiwan and Kinesis. These bikes are imported in the United States with the brand name Motobècane. In 1981, the original Motobécane company went bankrupt, and then Yamaha purchased this company. In 1984, MBK reformed. MBK is also known as the sister brand of Motobècane.

Kinesis bikes was founded in 1989. It is based in Taiwan and has a plant in China and the United States. Kinesis industry Co. Ltd. also manufactures some other bike brands. Trek, Diamondback bicycles, Kona, Santa Cruz Bicycles, etc. Motobecane USA and some other companies market these brands. So, in this article, we will explore who makes Motobecane Bikes. How many categories of Motobecane are available? What is the specification of each type of Motobecane bike?

Who Makes Motobecane Bikes

Motobecane bikes are made in Taiwan. There is a bicycle manufacturing company known as Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd. This company is involved in the manufacturing of frames and other components of bikes. These frames and further details are made up of aluminum and carbon.

Motobecane bikes are affordable and cheap bikes. The low price might be due to the geometry of very old bikes. There are different categories of bikes available that Motobecane manufacturers give. These categories are Motobecane Hardtails, Fat bikes, Road bikes, women’s, and Electric bikes. Let us discuss these categories briefly.

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Motobecane Hardtails Bikes: These bikes have a pure connection with the trails. They are super light weighted. They are incredibly durable, responsive, and comfortable. Some categories of Motobenane hardtails bikes are PRO LEVEL 29ers SRAM and Shimano, PRO LEVEL 26ers Shimano XTR to Deore,

PRO LEVEL FatBikes Full Range and 400/500/600/700 HT General Trail Hardtails.


  • These bikes are 21.2 lbs in weight
  • They have 15-inch in height
  • They do not have pedals
  • Their price range is different for every model

Motobecane Fat Bikes: These bikes have super wide tires. These bikes are easy to ride and take you anywhere you want to go. There are different categories of Fat bikes. Some of them are NIGHT TRAIN BULLET, Fatbike SRAM X9, STURGIS BULLET Fatbike SRAM X7, BORIS X9 Fatbike SRAM X9, and LURCH CrMo CrMo Fatbikes.


  • These bikes are 35 lbs in weight
  • They are 15 inches in height
  • They do not have pedals
  • Their price is different for different models

Motobecane Road bikes: These are powerful Motobecane road bikes. These are highly speedy bikes. Motobecane road bikes are also known as the King Of the road. There are also some categories of Road bikes available. Some of them are ROAD TITANIUM A Magic Metal, ROAD CARBON FIBER Light and stiff, ROAD ALUMINUM+Aluminum+/-Carbon, TRACK, SINGLE SPEED The Soul of Cycling, CYCLO CROSS/GRAVEL Tough and Durable and GRAVEL BIKES Comfortably Durable.


  • These bikes are 15.8 lbs in weight
  • They are 48cm in length
  • They do not have pedals
  • Their price might change from model to model
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Motobecane women’s bikes: Women cyclists are significantly fewer worldwide. They are underrepresented in bicycling, as they are considered incapable of riding a professional bicycle. The bicycle made for men is slightly different from that made for women. Motobecane made women’s bicycles and kept their concerns in mind before launching bikes. Women’s bikes are categorized into two types. GIGI PRO is Fast and smooth and GIGI is Specifically for Women.


Is Motobecane Made in the USA?

Motobecane USA does manufacture bicycles, but they are built in Taiwan.

What happened to Motobecane?

In 1981, the original Motobécane filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Yamaha and reformed in 1984 as MBK.


I have learned that Motobecane is a sister brand of the original Motobècane bike company. In 1981, Motobècane got bankrupt, and Yamaha purchased the company in 1984. Now, Motobecane bikes are made in Taiwan and imported in the USA. So these are also known as Motobecane USA.

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