10 Best Folding Electric Bike – Review and Buying Guide

Updated on December 14, 2023

Electronic motorcycles bring tremendous benefits in contrast to acoustic bikes in terms of comfort, speed, convenience, versatility, sustainability, and more. You can ramble around the city, conquer hills, explore the hidden recreational sites, and casually ride in the streets; that’s a boundaryless invention. Nothing stops, advancement after advancement, likewise, the latest bikes feature a humanized and folded design to add better portability and mobility. Let’s see what’s the best folding electric bike!

There are tons of e-bikes available in today’s market and each manufacturer has launched a separate lineup. That’s too for the array of advantages associated with electric bikes, for instance, electric bikes are fast riding, boasts quick start, help you in covering distances effortlessly as they’re not muscle straining, also I found e-bikes easier for mountain riding, and all-in-all you’ll get to explore new places with an electric bike.

Best Folding Electric Bike

1. ANCHEER Electric Folding Bike

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Beginner-friendly folding frame
  • Removable battery
  • Three working modes

When buying the bike, the construction quality is the most considerable factor as it determines how long it will last. Likewise, the ANCHEER electric folding bike is my foremost choice for its durable build quality. It is made of industrial-grade carbon steel that features utmost strength and stability in the entire structure. Over that, the steel is packed with a shock-absorbent material that aims to add unbeatable comfort throughout the ride so that you won’t have to change the seat.

Reliability comes from the core or base and in the context of e-bike the ground support comes from “tires”. The ANCHEER e-bike is made of aluminum alloy wheels which are designed with special double-layer technology and provide enhanced shock absorbance. No matter whether you’re riding on a bumpy surface or a flat road, you’ll feel in a position and comfortable on this premium e-bike.

An automobile should feature wide compatibility because you never know about external environments. In other words, a foremost e-bike is one that offers smooth riding regardless of outside pressures. For that reason, the ANCHEER bike has LED lamps for night driving, water resistance for rainy seasons, and anti-slippery tires for stability on wet roads.

As you know, folding bikes are more portable, convenient, and easy-going compared to non-folding ones. But you have to look for an easy mechanism as some bikes are challenging to fold up, especially for beginners. Luckily, that’s not the case with ANCHEER as it comes with two fast-releasing clamps which are easy to deal with. Once you fold up the bike, you can store it under the desk, in your car’s trunk, or even in the closet.

The ANCHEER bike, alike all-electric automobiles, has a lithium-ion battery which brings numerous benefits like it has high energy density, low draining rate, and high voltage capacity. It would be right to say that Li-ion batteries are way more stable than other types. The ANCHEER is equipped with a 36 volt 8AH battery which gets charged with a smart portable charger and will give you unsurpassable running time.


  • Premium build quality
  • User-friendly frame
  • Removable battery


  • Heavy

In a nutshell, the ANCHEER is the best folding electric bike that features excellent build quality, a beginner-friendly interface, a smart charger, LED lights, fast charging time, and whatnot. There are many reasons why you should get this e-bike to roam around the town but the primary advantage of having ANCHEER is low battery drainage.

2. Swagtron Folding Bike

  • Pre-assembled bike
  • Adjustable profile
  • Excellent quality wheels
  • Fast charging

Assembling a bike sound challenging especially when you have no experience. Don’t worry because the Swagtron has made it easier for all of us as this electric bike comes in an “already-assembled” state; all you need to do is to join major parts with simple steps and your bike will be ready to go. There is no need to indulge yourself in the complicated installation or foreign spare parts when you have an easy-peasy Swagtron e-bike.

e-bikes are not only for adults as teens can also ride them because it has an easy mechanism and better stability. For that reason, the manufacturer has added height adjustability in Swagtron to make it perfect for different age groups. You can easily adjust the seat to the position where you can access the handlebar to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride ever.

As I said before, when buying a bike wheels are of great importance because they are known as the base or foundation of any vehicle. Likewise, the Swagtron bike is supported by air-filled high-quality rubber tires that aim to provide better traction. The best thing about Swagtron tires is that they require minimum maintenance as compared to other market competitive options.

The Swagtron offers both electric biking as well as paddling; you can switch as per your preference. I like pedaling on the streets as it is a substitute for workouts and helps me in maintaining my body weight. Apart from that, the Swagtron has a folding profile, and it can carry up to 264 pounds weight effortlessly. It gets folded thrice and becomes so compact that you can store it in tiny spaces.


  • Comes in a pre-assembled state
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Durable tires


  • Not for rough use

In conclusion, the Swagtron is a pre-assembled electronic bike with an adjustable seat, comfortable grip handlebars, traction-giving tires, and more. It gets folded up three times and becomes super sleek to fit in any space at your place.

3. Jasion Electric Bike

  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Portable
  • Large battery

The discussion of the best folding electric bike is incomplete without adding the Jasion e-bike because it will bring comfort, power, and convenience to the riding. It is a packaged product that comes with fenders (front and rear), a rear rack, an LCD to show mileage, and other required components. There is no need to spend extra money or time on buying additional components with the Jasion.

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The Jasion bike is equipped with a powerful 500W cordless motor that is capable to deliver a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour which is impressive. And, it has a 48 volt 10 Ah Li-ion battery which survives until 40 miles which means there is no need to frequently charge the bike. You can travel through town, conquer the hills, and explore the streets with this fully functional bike!

Comfort is a small word to describe the relaxing experience Jasion brought to us. All thanks to its dual suspension technology which makes this bike super shock absorbent and puncture resistance, and provides you a stable, smooth, and confident journey. In a word, you’ll not displace from your position throughout the ride, isn’t it incredible?

The main advantage of folding bikes is “PORTABILITY” because non-foldable or straight bicycles are bulky and nearly impossible to relocate. The Jasion bike comes in a foldable design that requires no rocket science, just two clamps and you’re done. You can commute wherever you want to as this foldable bike can get fit into your vehicle’s trunk. For your information, the Jasion motorcycle weighs 59 lbs. and has the following dimensions: 36 x 29 x 21 inches.


  • Stable
  • Humanization design
  • Heavy-duty battery


  • Not an affordable choice

In a few words, the Jasion motorcycle is the best folding electric bike that has a humanized profile with an LCD, USB charging slot, and other smart features. It is integrated with a heavy-duty brushless motor and a reliable Li-ion battery which will bring you a smooth riding experience by working in combination.

4. Hey bike Ranger Electric Bike

  • Shock absorbent tires
  • Easily foldable design
  • Customizable speed options
  • Best for novices

Heybike is among the top-notch brand in the automotive industry and the company has a strong grip on electronic bikes. Their bikes have won the market by featuring unsurpassable speed, the smoothest riding experience, and utmost resistance. Let’s discuss this model by Heybike in depth!

None of us wants a slow-roving bike, right? So, if you want to enjoy the fastest riding experience on an e-bike, there is no better choice than Heybike. It has a 500-watt brushless motor and 15 Ah battery that gives you super speedy yet smooth riding. Apart from that, the internal gear of this bicycle is super long-lasting and reliable, which means minimum maintenance cost.

The Heybike is supported by four inches wide tires which not only provide better performance but also look super aesthetic. These tires are made with special suspension technology which aims to add resistance against external impact factors like abrasion, punctures, and more. In a word, you can ride Heybike on beaches, mountains, snow, rainy roads, etc. without any hassle.

Bikes come in different designs, and you have to choose between them as per your style. Among all, I found step-thru bikes most reliable because they provide the highest comfort and style. The step-through bikes are designed to give ease to riders by providing an upright position. In my opinion, the step-thru bike like the Heybike e-motorbike is best-suited for casual riding.


  • Require minimum storage space
  • Step thru profile
  • Resistant tires
  • Various speed and riding modes


  • Expensive

Heybike is the best folding electric bike that requires no large space for storage. Aside from its portability, it features a step-thru profile that adds comfort and style to riding. The addition of special suspension tires, multiple speed modes, and innovative smart options make this bike outstanding in today’s market.

5. Speedrid Electric Bike

  • Powerful
  • Strongly built
  • Smart features
  • Controllable

Do you know what’s the main difference between a jeep and a normal car? “TIRES”! Jeep and other heavy-duty vehicles are designed to cope with harsh surfaces and provide a smooth ride. Similarly, the Speedrid is supported by specialized wide tires which can travel through snow, mud, gravel, sand, rocks, dirt, pavement, wet roads, etc. without compromising on comfort and style. Precisely speaking, the Speedrid tires are bigger than that of other bikes.

To determine the power and speed of an e-bike, it is important to consider it’s motor and battery because they function side-by-side and are integral parts. Likewise, the Speedrid is integrated with a brushless 500-watt motor and 12.5Ah Li-ion battery that allows you to ride the bike for up to eight hours on a single charge. In addition, the battery is located in the mid of this e-bike to provide better stability as compared to the bikes which have rear-situated batteries.

The Speedrid e-bike is made of aluminum alloy that adds stiffness, rigidity, resistance, stability, and durability without compromising on weight. It is not a bulky bike but a lightweight professional choice that adds portability to overall biking. The addition of six different speed transmissions, disc braking mechanisms, headlights, and reflectors make the Speedrid a top-grade option.


  • LCD display
  • Comfortable seat
  • Comes in 85% assembled condition


  • Charger gets warm

In a few words, the Speedrid is a fusion of comfort and style. It has big wheels that look classy and enhance the versatility of this motorbike by making it capable of traveling through all rough and tough surfaces.

6. VIVI Folding Electric Bike

  • Fast charging system
  • Special brake system
  • Shock absorbent
  • Guaranteed customer service

The VIVI electronic bike stands out for its powerful system; it has a 500-watt powerful motor and 48 volts removable Li-ion battery which in combination provides strong yet comfortable rides. The best thing about the motor of the VIVI bike is its silent functioning, it doesn’t produce any sound while functioning. So, you can ride through beaches, mountains, and other recreational areas to feel nature and relax without any disturbance.

No matter whether you’re buying a truck or a cycle, the braking system is what matters the most. The VIVI has a special and advanced brand system with 21 different speed transmissions. You can adjust the speed as per your suitability and the kind of road you’re traveling on. Secondly, it has dual disc brakes which aim to provide a safe emergency brake that stops the bike without affecting its stability.

The VIVI is designed to have three distinctive riding modes. (1) Health and fitness mode which requires more manual force and works on your body movement and flexibility, (2) power mode that consumes electricity efficiently and reduces the total fueling cost, and (3) pure electronic mode which needs no mechanical force; all you need to do is to turn the throttle to pull the-bike forward. You see all these modes are differently advantageous, so you can switch to one which suits your style.

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As far as folding bikes are concerned, the key demand of buyers is portability, right? In this sequence, the VIVI bike is my favorite choice for its lightweight profile. It is made of aluminum alloy which is as light as feather in comparison to bulky bikes; you can easily fold it up, carry it, and place it wherever you want to. However, its low weight doesn’t mean any compromise over its resistance and durability as VIVI is an ever-lasting electronic bike.


  • Three riding modes
  • Stable-bike
  • Customer-friendly service


  • Late shipping issues reported

VIVI folding e-bike has amazed buyers with its innovative three different riding modes including health and fitness mode, power mode, and e mode. You can choose one as per your choice easily with one stroke. In addition, the bike is made with strong metal that adds uniform stability and makes it easy to handle even for newbies. In case of any difficulty, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service anytime to get your queries solved.

7. Rattan Electric Bike

  • Special energy control system
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Convenient design
  • Warranty included

The World is facing energy deficiency already and we are not in a condition to be a part of something threatening to our motherland. Considering that, the Rattan bike is the most acceptable product because it has a special IPAS energy controlling system that aims to consume as much energy as needed. In simple words, the IPAS system reduces energy loss to zero and provides effective performance, long-lasting battery life, and low electricity cost.

The Rattan is integrated with the advanced technology industrial grade 750 watt brushless motor that allows the bike to ride at extreme speed. If you’re more of an acceleration lover or are not into slow driving, the Rattan is meant for you. Over that, it has a Li-ion battery to provide an overall stable and excellent performance in both pedaling and electronic modes.

Convenience is something you cannot compromise on because a hassling biking experience is like a bad dream. Sequentially, you should rely on an e-bike like Rattan which is full of additional accessories like fenders, headlights, storage rack, and more that makes the entire commuting super user-friendly and comfortable. Its folding design and a one-year warranty are what double the total deal.


  • Energy-saving bike
  • Customer satisfactory service
  • Powerful performance
  • One year warranty


  • Weight capacity needs improvement

Rattan is synonymous with sustainability. It is an energy-saving e-bike that will reduce the cost of electricity by consuming it effectively without compromising on the overall performance. If you’re looking for the most reliable e-bike out there, the Rattan could be the one for you for its customer satisfactory support service, exclusive warranty, and ever-lasting build quality.

8. ECOTRIC Electric Bicycle

  • Convenient
  • Easily foldable
  • Durable
  • Pedal mode included

Smooth, light, and quiet are the words that define riding on an ECOTRIC e-bike. It is a small and sleek e-bike that is feasible for adults and can carry 53 lbs. weight easily. Its squeezed structure has nothing to do with its power as ECOTRIC has 36 volts 12.5 Ah battery that support speedy and stable riding. The best thing about this electronic bike is its fast and convenient charging process which is certified by UL.

The ECOTRIC folding bike comes in a humanized profile, which means it is more humane or user-friendly. It gets folded up in a real compact structure with overlapped stem, pedals, and frame. Apart from that, the structure is pretty durable and is top-up with an adjustable and cushioning seat. I found it excellent for routine or casual biking.

Alike other advanced e-bikes, the ECOTRIC also works on three different modes including pedaling mode, booster mode, and power saving mode. The pedaling mode is more about mechanical effort and works exactly like conventional cycles, while the booster mode helps your ride faster and reach the destination in minimum time. Besides, the power-saving mode is designed for the situation where you’re running out of battery and you’ve to go somewhere.

As I said before, construction quality is a non-skippable factor because it tells whether a bike is worth-having or not. On this note, the ECOTRIC is a fulfilling choice because it is made of an excellent quality aluminum alloy frame that withstands external impact factors incredibly. Moreover, it comes in a pre-assembled condition and will take no more than an hour for a whole setup; you can watch the related video from the official website of ECOTRIC for assistance.


  • Risk-free purchase
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Warranty included
  • Multiple working modes


  • Motor could be more powerful

ECOTRIC might not be the most powerful e-bike out there but you’ll be impressed with its multiple modes, easy assemblage, convenient handle profile, and smooth traveling. It is a guaranteed product that comes with an 18-months warranty, so are you ready to make this risk-free purchase?

9. Vtuvia Electric Bike

  • Powerful system
  • LED headlight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Removable battery

Vtuvia is another remarkable adult bike that works by electricity. You can ride it in three different modes: relaxing mode, electric assist mode, and a pedal mode where relaxing mode requires no mechanical effort, electric assist mode saves extra consumption of energy, and pedaling wants you to exert force to move the bike forward. You can switch between modes through the control panel.

Versatility is an important factor that buyers usually skip when buying an e-bike. It refers to the compatibility of a bike towards different kinds of riding, for instance, mountain biking, roading, street riding, and more. The Vtuvia is among the most multifunctional electronic bikes that can cope with all thick and thin environments including rainy roads and snowy days.

The overall configuration of Vtuvia is quite impressive. It has a front suspension fork design, disc brakes on both front and rear tires, a speed derailleur, and more. The Vtuvia can carry more than 300 lbs. weight easily and ride at the speed of 28 MPH maximum.


  • Long life battery
  • Great customer service
  • Safe riding


  • Not a popular brand

There is nothing better than Vtuvia when you’re on a night ride as it comes with super bright LED headlights that become more illuminated when you apply brakes. Over that, this e-bike is sourced by a heavy-duty battery and powerful motor to give you a swifter riding experience. However, if you’re a brand-conscious buyer, this bike is not for you.

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10. ENGWE Electric Bike

  • Fast speed
  • Reliable brakes
  • Humanized profile
  • Easy to deal

The ENGWE is an upgraded foldable bike that is composed of aluminum alloy and has a suspension fork-style lock design which is topped up with an adjustable seat and handlebar. I love the strong grip-providing handlebar that reduces the risk of falling and allows beginners to ride fearlessly. In a word, it is a lightweight, maneuverable, easy-going bike that is suitable for all kinds of environments.

It is fused with a 750-watt exclusively powerful motor and 48 volts Li-ion battery that allows the bike to move forward at the speed of 28 MPH. It has a special brakes transmission system that can be set to seven different options and allows you to enjoy different speedy riding experiences. Don’t worry! Ride as fast as you want to; all thanks to the perfect brakes that take care of your safety.

I want to appreciate the humanized design of this ENGWE e-bike. It has leather-coated seats which are super soft and comfortable to sit in. However, leather is quite unbreathable as compared to other fabrics so you’ll feel sweaty. In addition, the brand is providing assemblage services, shipping services, and online support for your assistance.


  • Lightweight
  • Speedy
  • Online customer service


  • Seats are not sweat-free

Last but certainly not least, the ENGWE e-bike is another striking product in the market that stands out for its lightweight and stable structure, speedy performance, and reliable online customer service. However, I am not very happy with the comfort of this e-bike as the seat is a bit restless.

Buying Guide

Riding a bike can be challenging for beginners, especially in terms of maneuverability. Don’t sweat it out because this issue has been solved now by the invention of foldable electric bikes which are super compact, lightweight, and portable. The folded design has nothing to do with powerful functioning as the best folding electric bikes are practically perfect but make sure to get the finest one.

Many parameters help us decide on the most worthwhile electric bike among all that suits our preferences. For example, bike range, speed, construction quality, profile, components, maintenance cost, value, and much more. Let’s discuss some important factors for buying the best folding electric bike below:

Value For Money

Regardless of what we are buying, the cost is always a striking factor for all buyers. In the context of the best folding electric bike, the price scale varies from $700 to $2000 or more. Opinionatedly speaking, you should address your level of expertise, application, and requirements before spending money as an entry-level bike is more affordable than a professional e-bike. However, you should know that you’re getting value for money means the bike is worth every penny you spend.


Speed is another significant element to notice while purchasing an automotive and in the perspective of e-bikes, “how fast it is?” is among the most-asked questions. An electric bike equipped with a more powerful and wide-range motor will ride faster than one with an average source. According to my experience, you should get an e-bike with a safe internal system; otherwise, having an unprotective or overpowerful motor can give birth to accidental happenings.

Build Quality

An electric bike is usually made with metal or strong carbon fiber which is not easy to fold but the special folding technology helps us with that. In other words, the best folding e-bike is designed to get folded or compacted to offer better convenience, portability, and style. The folding mechanism is pretty simple and easy to do even for novices; however, if you still feel any issues make sure to read the manual for instructions.

Bike Components

Bike components mean parts like lights, fenders, rakes, brakes, and more. You have to check whether the extras and parts of an e-bike are quality-wise good or not to make a reliable purchase. Of course, you have to go for good componentry!


Are folding e-bikes worth it?

Yes! The best folding electric bike is a picture-perfect pick for commuters. Their portability, compactness, affordability, powerful functionality, and friendly profile are what make them stand out in today’s market.

Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?

Electric bikes possess two features: paddling and biking. You can switch the mode at your convenience at any time. There is no need to charge an electric bike when you’re going to paddle it because paddling requires mechanical force only, while it will receive a charge when riding on a motor source. Usually, e-bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which are easy to charge.

What are the disadvantages of folding bikes?

Folding bikes are more expensive than non-foldable e-bikes! But their high price is worth spending because folding e-bikes are super convenient and portable. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can roam around the town without any hassle on an e-bike. Also, in some states, you can ride an e-bike without a license.


The best folding electric bike is a picture-perfect pick for any level commuter for its portability, compactness, affordability, powerful functionality, and friendly profile. We have discussed ten top-notch folding e-bikes which are worthwhile and value for money. Here’s a glimpse of today’s blog:

  • ANCHEER electronic bike for its excellent construction quality, beginner-friendly interface, removable battery, and three working modes.
  • Swatgron electronic bike for its pre-assembled structure, adjustable seat, rugged wheels, and fast charging feature.
  • Jasion electronic bike for its powerful motor, comfortable seat, portability, and long-lasting battery life.

Precisely, the folding bikes are designed to add portability. You can transport these bikes along with you while shifting across the border with ease. Over that, there is nothing to worry about when you have e-bikes because they are secure and have no risk of being stolen like other vehicles.

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