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Updated on December 14, 2023

Electric bikes are getting popular because of their affordable price range, small size, and interesting features. However, there are so many riders that find themselves unable to enjoy these rides because of their weight. If you are one of them with 250lbs+ weight, don’t worry as there are so many best E-bikes for heavy riders. Here I have listed the best options that can carry 300lbs weight effortlessly and even some with 400lbs range without compromising on the performance. So let’s start it.

Best E-Bikes for Heavy Riders

1. ANCHEER Electric Bike 250W/500W Ebike


  • 250W/500W motor
  • Aluminum frame
  • High weight limit of 400lbs
  • LED screen

Finding a hybrid bike for an adult who weighs more than 400lbs is not an easy task, but ANCHEER electric bike is the answer to all demands. This electric bike is described as a mountain bike, but for us, it is more like a hybrid bike that you can use perfectly for both purposes, i.e., in town and on slopes. All this is possible because of its powerful motor that produces enough torque to provide amazing rides.

Furthermore, its aluminum body and strong build make the ride comfortable for heavy riders. Also, this bike has an inverted front suspension to support the weight. The long-lasting battery provides 40 miles ride with one time 100% charge. So, if you are going to use this bike in town, then with a full charge, you can easily pass a day without low battery issues. For proper traction of speed, battery, and many more things, it comes with an LED that is simple to understand and keeps you updated about the bike situation.

This is the perfect option for people who like to keep track of everything. With good battery timing, its battery also has removable features that make charging convenient. In addition, for safety purposes, ANCHEER electric bike has Hydraulic disc brakes to ensure smooth and instant brake to avoid any serious accident. Its top speed is 20mph, and you get the best brake support even at this speed.


  • Carry 400lbs
  • Strong frame
  • Front inverted suspension
  • 40 miles battery timing


ANCHEER electric bike is one of the best e-bikes for heavy riders because of its solid frame, inverted front suspension, and thick tires. Also, this comes at a budget-friendly price. So, if this is all you need, don’t delay and add it to your next shopping list.

2. NAKTO Electric Bike for Adult Electric Bicycle


  • 18-22MPH speed
  • 45-60 Miles Range
  • 350W motor
  • Shimano 6-speed gear

For people, who are looking for a budget-friendly option, then NAKTO electric bike for adults is the right choice. The more amazing thing other than the price is the size that makes it perfect for heavy riders. The 350W motor generates high torque to ensure a convenient city ride with good speed and battery timing to avoid any inconvenience. With this Ebike, you can achieve a top speed of 18-22MPH. Moreover, a full battery gives you 45-60 Miles in the city.

The high brushless gear motor performs well for plain routs while showing a low acceleration in challenging areas. For versatility, it has two modes, i.e., throttle and power assistant, that you can use according to need. Furthermore, this bike has a storage basket that adds convenience and good looks. For additional comfort, it has a front suspension that carries the weight effortlessly and absorbs shocks to provide a smooth ride.

Moreover, Shimano 6-speed gear lets you change speed smoothly and provide a quick speed boost when you want. NAKTO electric bike for an adult is recommended if you have a limited budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. This is the best road bike, but for an off-road ride, this is the completely wrong choice. Its all features make this one of the best E-bikes for heavy riders on a budget.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Shimano 6-speed gear
  • High speed range
  • Long lasting battery timing


  • Only work for flat roads
  • No power options in assist mode

This budget-friendly electric bike lets you enjoy all amazing features from size, gears, motor, and battery to performance. One must consider this option to avail of all this without crossing the budget limit.

3. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike


  • 350W Motor
  • Power Assist
  • 4″ Tires, 20″ Wheels
  • Shimano 7-speed gears

Are you worried about your weight, as most electric bikes can bear 200lbs? No worries, as the Swagtron EB-6 bandit e-bike, with its strong motor, good-quality frame, and thick tires, lets you enjoy the city ride. Also, the tires have a strong traction grip on the road and avoid any incident of slipping. Even in rain and mud, you can ride this bike comfortably.

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Moreover, in performance, it has a 350W motor to ensure enough power. The Shimano 7-speed gears make the speed shift smooth and easy. Also, the battery timing is amazing, with a full charge that takes only 4-5 hours. With these features, you can leave the house with good charging that lasts longer to avoid any inconvenience.

To make it versatile, it has two operating modes, i.e., electric bike and power-assisted mode. If you are tired and want to get somewhere quick, you can use the electric option. While saving charging and increasing range, go for a power assist mode. For a heavy person, the power-assisted mode let them in the movement to improve their health.

With this bike, you get dual disc brakes to make sure that even with heavy weight, you get proper balance and smooth brakes. Also, this is one of the affordable options for such amazing features.


  • Removable 36V lithium-ion battery
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 7-Speed Shimano
  • SIS shifting built for trail riding


  • No storage space

Swagtron EB-6 bandit e-bike is a perfect option in terms of performance, looks, price, and durability. Most of it, this is one of the best E-bikes for heavy riders. Don’t miss this chance, and book one for you now.

4. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike


  • Motor: 350 Watt
  • Battery: 36V 10 Ah lithium battery
  • Max speed: 19 km/h
  • Range: 40 miles

If you have more than 300lbs weight, then Heybike electric bike is the best option as it can manage 400lbs effortlessly. This is possible because of advanced technology while keeping the goods from traditional designs. The purpose of this technology is to reduce the carbon activities that favor the environment as well as the rider.

This bike has 26 inches flat tires to carry the heavy weight effortlessly and provide good traction for balance. Also, it has two shock absorption qualities and 7 speed Shimano system to ensure a smooth riding experience. These features let you stop the bike on time to reduce accident risks and even provide a smooth braking experience on slop. However, this is a city bike and is not recommended for off-road use.

For safe night rides, you get bright front lights. Also, you can enjoy three operation modes, the electric one for lazy and fast rides, assisted mode to improve range, and the pedal mode for exercise and to use in case of no battery. These modes let heavy persons enjoy the versatility and add thrill to life to maintain a good body.


  • Thick tires for balance
  • 3 Working modes
  • 7 Speed Shimano system
  • High speed


  • No color options

Heyboy cityscape bike is the most recommended option for heavy riders as it has thick tires, shock absorbers, and dual brakes to manage weight. In the case of performance, nothing is compromised, even in this price range. So, keep this in your list of favorites for E-bikes for heavy riders.

5. Angotrade Folding Mountain E-Bike


  • Motor: 1500 Watt
  • Battery: 48V 12.8 Ah lithium battery
  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Range: 40-50 km

Most of the bikes in this list are city bikes, but if you are not into this and want a mountain bike, this is for you. This Angotrade bike is the perfect bike with all the required features and foldable design for portability. With this bike, you can enjoy the look and performance without compromising on any element.

This bike has an aluminum body to ensure strength and durability. Also, this material makes it a lightweight option and adds to portability. Moreover, the front suspension can carry weight easily without putting weight over tires only. For additional safety, rear hydraulic brakes make the experience smooth even on mountains.

With Angrotrade, you can climb at 35 degrees without difficulty. For a mountain bike, it is quite tough to hold extra weight, but this electric bike lets you enjoy off-road rides with 150kgs weight. Furthermore, the foldable design allows you to carry it anywhere. This is not a common feature in bikes for heavy riders, Angotrade is definitely an exceptional case.


  • Carry 150kgs
  • 7 Speed Shimano system
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Climbing capacity: 35 degrees


  • No booster mode

Angotrade mountain electric bike is one of the best EMTB for heavy riders with all amazing qualities. This portable design lets you carry it anywhere. At the same time, the front suspension, dual shock absorption systems, hydraulic brakes, and strong aluminum frame make this bike worth keeping option. For an adventurous person, it is hard to ignore this gem, so don’t ignore it and buy it.

6. VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults


  • Motor: 750 Watt
  • Battery: 48V 15 Ah lithium battery
  • Max speed: 28 mph
  • Range: 40 miles

If you are looking for an electric bike that lets you cover larger distances and work best with your heavy weight, then consider this option. VELOWAVE electric bike for adults is an efficient option as with this, and you can cover 40 miles in one go without a second charge. Also, this bike can effortlessly carry 300lbs without reducing the performance bar.

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It has a multifunctional LCD for performance racking that shows battery level and speed. Also, the adjustable seat lets you set it according to your height to make the rides comfortable. Furthermore, its thick tires ensure a smooth ride on hills as well as on city roads. You can call it a hybrid bike because of this amazing feature. This is possible because of disc brakes and the front suspension part.

Moreover, in performance, the 48 Volt 15 Ah battery lets you ride for longer, and the motor support high speed. Also, the battery is removable, so you can use the bike while keeping the battery on charge. This option also removes the need for an external house power switch. With this electric bike, you can experience the best in life.


  • Tires: 26 x 4″
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • 7 Speed Shimano system
  • Charging time: 4- 5 hours
  • Max Weight Load: 300 lbs


  • Little on the expensive side

VELOWAVE electric bike is a perfect combination of durability, stability, good experience, and customization. Choose this electric bike to fulfill all your needs, from the daily commute to adventure.

7. Heybike Mars Foldable Electric Bike


  • 48V 12.5Ah batteries
  • 500w brushless geared motor
  • Shimano 7-speed gear
  • Three operating modes

Are you fond of adventures and want to ride a bike everywhere, on rocks, beaches, hills, and city roads without worries of heavyweight? You surely need Heybike Mars electric bike because of its thick, puncture-free tires, which let you explore the world without losing grip and definitely the tires. So feel free to ride this amazing electric bike without worrying about weight.

For good performance, this bike has 48V 12.5Ah batteries that stay longer and ensure high range. Also, the 500w brushless geared motor generates enough torque to ride on all tracks without losing acceleration. Shimano 7-speed gears let you shift the speed without any jerk and disturbance.

Furthermore, this electric bike lets you customize the operating modes. You can use the electric bike mode only for emergencies, the assist power mode to save power, and the traditional bike mode to enjoy rides even without power. Also, its foldable design adds to portability and you can keep it with you in transport and office without space issues.


  • Portable design
  • Thick puncture-free tires
  • Three operating modes
  • Shimano 7-speed gears


  • Need re-assembling to secure the bike

Heybike Mars electric bike is the best option if you are irresponsible and want things for versatile use. This bike will work perfectly for all your needs, from comfort to performance, without getting disturbed by your weight. Therefore, consider this one to get what you are looking for.

8. Electric Mountain Bike for adult

If you are more into quality and want something durable that can carry your weight then this electric bike is what you should consider. This bike’s frame is an aluminum alloy to ensure strength and is lightweight. However, the fork part bears more weight and shocks. Hence, the fork part has carbon steel for an extra powerful design and durability.

For a 330lbs rider, this bike is ideal as you get comfort, performance, and durability in an affordable price range. It has a 36V/8AH li battery that can provide a 16mile ride with electric mode, which is a bit low compared to other listed options. However, you can increase the battery timing by using power assist mode. This battery takes only five hours to get fully charged.

This mountain bike’s appearance is appealing, and you can customize its multiple features. You can adjust the seat height, remove the battery, and set the handlebar. With this, you can enjoy off-road rides because of its tear-free tires. The LED keeps track of speed, battery, and available mode. To change the mode, you can use the buttons present under the LED.


  • 36V/8AH li battery
  • Powerful motor
  • LED display and mode changing buttons
  • Lightweight and strong frame


  • The seat is a bit low for 6+height

This electric mountain bike is the perfect option if you are on a budget and want a mountain bike to do adventurous. Its strong body and puncture-free thick tires give you what you want.

9. Speeded Electric Bike 48V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike Snow Bike 959


  • Motor Power – 500 watt motor
  • Max Speed – 20 mph
  • Range – Up to 20 km
  • Frame Material – Aluminum

Suppose you are looking for two things in an electric bike, i.e., power and speed. In that case, you definitely need Speedrid electric bike. This bike has a fat tire to ensure balance at high speed. Also, assist the bike in running on snow without any slipping accidents. Furthermore, in terms of power, it has a 500w motor that is extraordinary in this price range.

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Due to the heavy motor, you can ride this bike on any road type, whether hilly or off-road; you will get optimum riding experience with this bike. Also, it has a 48V battery that takes a few hours for a full charge, and its range is 20 miles which is good with this speed. However, you can reduce speed to increase battery range.

To manage this power and speed, Speedrid has front and rear disc brakes to let you stop on time. These brakes are strong enough to hold things easily, even in hilly areas. With all these amazing features, this bike is no less in appearance as it has stylish looks to add to your personality. This is totally a beast with high power and good looks.


  • Powerful motor
  • Suitable for all kinds of roads
  • High 20 mph speed


  • Bolts strip easily

A speeded electric bike is a cleverly designed product. This is a perfect combination of power and appearance. You get high speed, comfort, durability, and robust build within an affordable range. The speeded electric bike is more than an amazing product and a must-have option in this price range.

10. SOHOO Adult Mountain Electric Bicycle


  • 48V13Ah Lithium battery
  • 28mph top speed
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Three operating modes

Do you want an all-rounder bike that you can ride anywhere with your heavy weight? SOHOO adult electric bike can make your life easy because you can ride this bike on mountains, snow, beach, and on-road without losing balance or damaging the bike. This is a must-have option for people who want versatility and to keep track of their budget.

Also, this bike has a portable design, so you can store it anywhere and keep it with you on the bus or office. For durability and strength, the frame is made up of aluminium alloy. Moreover, the front fork has suspension and shock absorbers to ensure stability even after years of use. These features let it carry heavy weight without showing any damage.

Furthermore, the three operating modes make its use easy in every situation. You can use assist mode for walking, so you don’t have to carry the bike’s weight. Also, to ensure safety at night, it has front and back LED lights. The robust braking system reduces the chances of accidents and provides a smooth ride. All these features give you complete control over your electric bike.


  • Strong and durable frame
  • Front and back LED lights
  • Three operating modes
  • Foldable and portable design


  • Manual is difficult to understand

SOHOO adult electric bike is a must-have option if you want a solid electric bike that can carry your weight at a speed of 28mph. Try this bike to experience the thrill in your life.


Can a fat person ride an electric bike?

Yes, because most electric bikes can carry 115kgs with ease. However, if your weight exceeds this limit, many market options are designed to hold 300lbs. In this case, you can go with these options.

Does your weight matter when buying a bike?

Your weight is significant to consider when buying a bike because each can carry a specific weight limit. So if you fail to buy the right bike according to your weight, it will affect the durability and performance of the bike.

How much weight can an electric bike pull?

Generally, the weight limit is 220lbs, which is about 115kgs. However, so many electric bikes are designed for heavy riders. These bikes can carry 300-400lbs with ease without reducing acceleration and quality.


Having an electric bike makes daily life easy but finding the right bike with heavy weight is not easy. In this article, I have shared many worth buying the best E-bikes for heavy riders. However, here I am sharing my top three favorite eclectic bikes for the list.

  • Angotrade Folding Mountain E-Bike This mountain electric bike lets you ride on the mountain without concerning your heavyweight. At 35 degree angle, you can enjoy the ride with long lasting battery timing and without any acceleration reduction.
  • Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike With this electric bike, you get a high range of 40 miles, and three operating systems while keeping the balance in the budget. The powerful motor and heavy battery let you ride your bike all day without a second charge.
  • VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults This bike lets you ride at 28mph speed even with 300lbs. You can use this bike without a battery and enjoy long rides of 40 miles without worries of an empty battery.

I share with you the best, but it is recommended to consider your needs and weight first and then look for a suitable electric bike.


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