How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go

Wandering about how fast an electric bike can go? Well, electric bikes can reach 28 to 30 mph speed. If you are interested in electric power bikes then you should know how many types of e-bikes are there on the market. As well as which bike suits you in respect of speed. Electric power bikes are a kind of blessing because they do not consume much electricity, are lightweight, and are favorable for short distances.

But people also criticize electric power bikes because of their speed. Some claim that they are slow and others argue that they are not durable and do not suit everyone. Electric power bikes are helpful for saving your petrol charges, they do not take a long time to charge and they are safe to ride. All these qualities make them precious.

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go

There are two types of electric power bikes. The first is paddle assist e-bike, these bikes are based on electric power but also provide you paddles. The second electric power bike is the throttle e-bike, these bikes may have paddles but they can function without paddle rotation. Both bike paddles assist electric power bikes and the throttle e-bikes have their pros and cons. But our purpose is to discuss speed so here are the details about the speed of these electric bikes.

1. Paddle Assist Electric Power Bikes

When it comes to electric bikes people imagine a bike running on an electric motor. But to demolish your myth there are paddle-assist e-bikes. These bikes are electric in the sense that when you rotate the paddles the electric device helps to increase the speed. These bikes have a 15 mph average speed. To increase the speed rider has to keep paddling the bike. But if you do not paddle the bike, the electric motor does not support the energy. The maximum speed of these bikes is 28 mph.

The paddle-assist e-bikes do not consume much energy. Because the paddle and electric energy work together and these bikes go far more than the throttle bikes. When a rider paddles, the sensor conveys a message to the electric motor about each revolution of a paddle. The machine decides to give assistance according to the energy you required.


The paddle-assist e-bikes are favorable for hill riding. When you are climbing the hill on a paddle-assisted e-bike, it provides energy to support you. These bikes can go 40 mph to 50 mph when coming down from a hill. As well as speed is dependent upon your paddling skills. If you paddle fast, you can reach early on your destination.

2. Throttle Electric Power Bike

These bikes do not need any paddle assistance. The bikes are designed to take you anywhere without paddle assistance. The normal speed of these bikes is 20 mph. Although, these bikes are completely electric operating. You can increase the speed of the bike according to your demand. The speed gauge will show you the current speed of the bike.

Most of these bikes come with paddles. The purpose of paddles in the full throttle bikes is to paddle the bike in case of low charge. These bikes have a maximum of up to 30 mph speed. Although, here we are discussing the normal throttle electric power bike. There are different bikes that can run faster than 30 mph.

These bikes are helpful for people who want to save their petrol or gas money. These bikes can take you anywhere but are not favorable for long distances as well as suitable for short distances such as 7 to 8 km, these bikes are ideal. A fully throttle electric power bike triggers with the button.

To accelerate the speed these e-bikes provide you with twisted grips. You can increase or decrease the speed with the help of twisting the grip forward and backward. fully throttle bikes have more powerful shocks than paddle-assisting electrical power bikes because people use these bikes for hill climbing or little longer routes.

YinZhiBoo SMLRO – Fastest Electric Bike

YinZhiBoo SMLRO is the fastest electric bike. If you are worried about the slow and lazy bikes which do no surpass 30 mph then you should know that this bike can run 60 to 90 kilometers per hour. Most electric power bike batteries take a long time to charge. The long charge time limits your activities because during the charge you are bound near the bike. But this lithium battery will be charged within 4 to 5 hours. With a single charge, you can ride the bike 40 to 50 km.

Well, this electric power bike has a powerful and strongest motor of 1000w. Most of the motors are worn out because of overcharge. Overcharge is the basic problem for all batteries or electric power bikes. But this motor has overcharge protection. The motor is made of advanced technology that discharges the battery as fully charged. You do not need to worry about the rain. The motor is waterproof and has no chance of short circuits.

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Some people are confused because of the paddle assist and throttle electrical power bike features. So, this bike has three working modes, first is the paddle mode in which the motor will assist you while paddling. In this mode, you can go from 28 mph to 30 mph speed. The second mode is called bicycle mode. In this mode, the bike provides you with a high speed of 60km to 90 km before you recharge. The third mode is throttle mode. In this mode, the bike operates on an electric motor and provides you 40km to 50km.

Sometimes riders want to analyze the speed of their bike while riding. This bike has two LCD displays on the handle to check the speed or gears while you are riding. This LCD display also shows the battery level. You can also check the statistics of your paddling if you are in an exercise mode. The cycle has an automatic start button near the speed gauge.

All the bike users know that electrical power bikes do not provide quality forks because they are used for short journeys and easy road trips. But this bike has high-quality front forks. The front forks are experts to reduce the bumpy feeling. Front forks not only control the bumpy shocks but also provide you with complete control over the handle. You can turn the handle left or right easily while climbing or going down. Brakes are unquestionably amazing, this bike has disc brakes that stop the bike without shocks.


  • Waterproof design
  • Fast recharge
  • Motor 1000w
  • Speed 60 to 90 km
  • Load Capacity 330 lbs


  • Three different cycling modes
  • Automatic start button
  • LCD display for speed and battery


  • Expensive

The bike is made of durable aluminum material. The paint on the bike is rust-resistant as well as dust resistant. 4.0 fat long-lasting tiers prevent air pressure issues and can bear 330 lbs weight person. In all aspects, the YinZhiBoo SMLRO is the fastest electric bike with both paddle and throttle modes. The purpose is not to change your previous bike but to change the wrong direction so, change your life direction with this bike.


What is the maximum legal speed of an e-bike?

It varies according to the e-bike you are using. The high-quality e-bikes provide you with 60 to 90 km speed. But a normal e-bike provides a maximum of 30 mph speed. The legal speed for e-bikes in many countries is about 30 mph.

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How fast is 1000w in mph?

The 1000w is a strong motor and can lead you to about 30 mph.

Can I ride an e-bike without a license?

The electrical power bikes are similar to regular cycles. License is required for cars, motorbikes, or for other vehicles. You can ride an e-bike without a permit. But there are some countries where you need licenses for electrical power bikes. Do not forget to clarify that your e-bike is in the category of e-bike not motorbikes.

How can I increase my e-bike speed?

To ride faster an e-bike you should follow some instructions such as always riding a fully charged bike because sometimes a low battery can decrease the speed of your bike. Second, do not attach any type of speed limiter, if you have a speed limiter then remove it. Third, change tiers from time to time, the worn-out tiers can reduce speed. In last check the air pressure and balance it to increase the speed of your e-bike.

Why are e-bikes’ speeds limited?

The e-bikes are made to cover short distances, you cannot ride them for long routes because these bikes do not support long-duration batteries. The reason for the limitation is the consumer product safety commission argues that the law does not allow an e-bike to run faster than 20 mph.


E-bikes have normal speed. Speed also depends on various e-bikes. As we have discussed earlier that e-bikes are divided into two types. The paddle assists e-bike is used for a little longer journey. Because this bike does not consume more energy. This bike adjusts the speed according to your paddle rotation. On the other hand, the throttle bikes do not need a paddle trigger, these bikes fully operate on the motors. Both the paddle assist and throttle have almost equal speed. Here is our best e-bike recommendation:

  • YinZhiBoo SMLRO, has three modes with different speed abilities as well as an LCD display to measure the speed.

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