How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Electric bikes are a new sensation, especially for commuters. These bikes with built-in motor, pedal assistance, and impressive power output have made a great impact on riders of all types and they have impressive sales trends across the country. E-bikes are different from regular bikes in many ways.

However, the biggest difference is the price. E-bikes come with hefty price tags. The good news is that electric bikes come over a wide price band. Many reliable brands like Swagtron have introduced a wide range of e-bikes with starting prices as low as $400. If you are going to buy a new electric bike, here is everything that you need to know about e-bike prices. In this guide, I’ll cover the different types of electric bikes and their prices. Also, I will discuss the features that make electric bikes too expensive.

How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Electric bikes are available over a wide range of prices. E-bikes can be as cheap as $600 and as expensive as $8000. The price of the electric bike depends upon the functionality that you’re looking for. E-bikes price largely depends on the purpose, you will be using it for. Also the quality of experience that you expect from a e-bikes matters a lot. Here are different types of electric bikes and their average prices.

Standard Bikes

Standard bikes are those electric bikes that you use for everyday commute or recreational use. Standard bikes are further divided into:

  • Cruiser Bikes
  • Commuter Bikes

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are the most light-duty electric bikes and stay at the lowest side of the price band. These bikes are designed for gentle riding on the smooth pathway of a local bike trail around the town. These bikes use regular balloon-filled tires making them super comfortable and reliable on the smooth pathways.

Since these are not made for speed, they do not use more energy and play really well with small motors and regular batteries. The price of cruiser bikes varies between $600-$1000. If you look for premium-grade components like motors and batteries you may need to spend as high as $1500.

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are faster than cruiser bikes. These e-bikes are made for the everyday commute. They help you reach faster local destinations like school, college, or work. Since these bikes are made for daily use they are much more rugged than cruiser bikes. Commuter bikes cost you somewhere between $600-$3000. Depending upon the types of battery they use, motor power rating, and other components like shocks prices of the commuter e-bikes can be low or high.

Off-Road Electric Bikes

Off-road electric bikes stand on the highest side of the price spectrum and cost somewhere between $1500-$6000. Off-roading bikes use heavy-duty derailleurs and motors to help them move smoothly on the rough trails. The most expensive types of off-roading e-bikes are mountain bikes.

These bikes are made with the needs of challenging applications in mind and use premium-grade components. Mountain electric bikes use ultra-powerful high-end motors to help them incline smoothly. Also, these bikes are equipped with the most expensive Shimano shocks and braking systems for maximum stability on tough terrains. These components add a lot to the overall cost making them as expensive as $6000. The average cost of mountain bikes ranges from $3000-$6500.

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Folding E-Bikes

Folding bikes are used for leisure riding and stand among the most expensive electric bikes. These bikes are made with ease of storage and portability in mind. The engineering cost of a folding bike is higher than regular bikes. Also, these bikes use premium-grade components making them even more costly.

You can find foldable mechanisms in both commuters and off-roading bikes. These bikes are pretty easy to transport to the biking trail and are widely used in sports and recreational activities. Depending upon the type of power assistance, and build quality, the cost of folding e-bikes is between $1000-$5000.

Cargo Electric Bikes

Cargo e-bikes are the most expensive electric bikes. These e-bikes are not mainly designed for traveling or leisure riding. The purpose of these bikes is to carry loads. However, some cargo bikes have built-in storage areas to help you carry your pets or personal essentials with you.

These bikes are often paired with carriages to transport goods to local destinations. Cargo bikes can be as expensive as $8000. These bikes use heavy-duty frames, integrated storage boxes, and strapping platforms making them a lot more expensive than regular e-bikes. The cost of a cargo e-bike varies in the range of $2000-$8000.

Why Do Electric Bikes Cost So Much?

Before you jump into the market to purchase an electric bike, you must know all these factors that inflate the electric bike prices. Here are all these factors that make electric bikes more expensive.


Electric bikes come with integrated motor systems. The purpose of the motor is to transform electric energy into mechanical energy and help you ride the bike. When you twist the throttle or assist the paddle the motor gets activated and utilizing the battery energy helps you move forward.

Motors used in electric bikes are crafted with the need for serious riding applications in mind. Commuter and off-roading bikes use heavy-duty motors. The cost of an e-bike motor varies from $300 to $2500. If you consider a weak motor for a heavy-duty application, it will wear out more quickly. Motor maintenance and replacement can put an extra burden on your pocket. Therefore it is advised to look for a motor power that is sufficient to fulfill your riding needs comfortably.


The battery is another reason for the higher cost of e-bikes. A bike’s performance and ability to deal with various riding conditions largely depend upon the battery. E-bikes are made for speed and long-distance traveling. Therefore they use premium-grade batteries making them a lot more expensive than traditional bikes.

E-bikes batteries are crafted with special attention and they feature a special battery management system. Built-in battery management systems help them last as long as 5 years with regular use. Mostly lithium-ion batteries are used in electric bikes as they are the most efficient. E-bike batteries use premium grade cells that can keep the maximum charge throughout their lifespan. Depending upon the size and quality of the battery their costs vary between $500-$2000.


The derailleur is a small yet key component that largely affects the bike’s performance. Derailleurs allow the chain to move from one cog to another. Mountain electric bikes use premium-grade derailleurs to make them exceptionally smooth and stable on uneven and bumpy roads.

Grim and dirt can make the shifting tough but a heavy-duty derailleur makes the shifting possible even when the chain and cogs are fully clogged. Shimano derailleurs are among the most reliable yet expensive options. A high-quality derailleur costs you between $100-$300. Some premium-grade derailleurs are as expensive as $700.

Shocks And Brakes

Electric bikes are faster than traditional bikes therefore they need a more dependable braking and shocking system. Electric bike manufacturers trust Shimano and Bosch components for their stability and reliable performance. Class 3 e-bikes go as fast as 28 mph and they are often equipped with a dual braking system to ensure safe and quick stopping. Shimano and bosch components are expensive and add a significant amount to the overall cost of the bikes.

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Engineering Build Quality

Commuters and off-roading bikes use heavy-duty frames to help them stay intact even under maximum pressure. Integrating motor batteries, pedal assists, and throttle on a bike needs special engineering techniques. These factors make e-bikes pretty expensive.

Low Market Saturation

Although electric bikes are much more famous than they were in the past, they still cannot compete with the market trends of regular bikes. So these bikes are not manufactured in bulk which results in a low-profit margin. To keep the perfect margin high, electric bike manufacturers sell them at high prices.

The Best Cheap Electric Bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike

Ancheer e-bike is one the best electric bike under $1000. I purchased this bike for regular use like work, market, and back home to save some bucks that I pay for car fuel. Since it is an entry-level bike I wasn’t pretty sure whether it will work or not. It’s 8 months to the date I bought it and the bike is working flawlessly with a little maintenance. I’m not saying it is the best electric bike overall but I can attest it is the best commuter in this price range.

The bike comes equipped with a 350-watt ultra-powerful motor offering a speed of around 20 miles per hour. It features a brushless geared motor that promises stable power output even under maximum pressure. It goes really smooth throughout the gears and I love the cruise control on this bike.

What sets it apart from all other e-bikes in this price range is its battery. The bike uses a 374.4 Ah battery offering a class-leading range of 40 miles per charge. Its Li-ion battery is crafted with premium-grade cells that hold the charge really well and ensure reliable performance over a long range.

Another thing that I love is that the battery has a removable profile. The battery is integrated really well but can be detached easily. It allows you to charge the battery remotely. For a trouble-free experience, you need to charge the battery well. However, overcharging the battery is not a good idea. The average mileage of the battery is 30 miles so I recommend charging it for 6 hours after every 30 miles.

The bike is advertised as a mountain bike, but you can’t expect it to perform on the toughest trail. It works really well for casual off-roading. To make it stable and smooth in the off-roading condition it is equipped with four levels of power assistance. It comes with a swappable throttle and pedal assist support. You can switch between these two assistance modes at any point of the ride. The first two power levels are great for everyday commutes.

The third and fourth levels enhance the bike’s climbing power and help you go smoothly through challenging off-road trails. The 21-speed transmission system is another great part of this bike. It allows you to choose a speed level that goes best with your riding needs. Since the bike is designed for the needs of off-roading applications it uses a high-strength carbon steel fork. Its shock-absorbing ability is more than impressive and I was completely blown away by its stability on the bumpy trail.

It uses a rugged aluminum alloy to make it powerful without adding extra weight to the structure. The bike is engineered and assembled in a very professional manner. It uses replacement connectors for all the metal components. These connectors eliminate the need of opening the control system and allow you to detach and attach components directly.

I’m pretty happy with the bike so far and didn’t face any major issues except for some minor flaws. The thing that bothered me a lot was its kickstand. The kickstand of the bike is not adjustable. Also, it is not perfectly aligned making it a little hard to park in a stable position.

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I replaced the kickstand with an aftermarket adjustable kickstand. Another thing that I want to mention is the water pooling issues under the battery. You need to drain the water regularly to enhance the battery lifespan. Also, many buyers complained that the bike feels a little heavy on the tough trails, especially even if it is underpowered.


  • 4-power assistance modes
  • 21-speed suspensions
  • Premium grade construction
  • Ultra-powerful brushless motor
  • Impressive range-Up to 30 miles
  • Impressive power for the price


  • Lacks adjustable kickstand
  • Feels a little heavy when underpowered

If you are looking for a cheap electric bike for everyday commute and occasional off-roading, ANCHEER electric bike is the best you can have. With 4 power assistance modes, a rugged aluminum alloy frame, and a 21-speed suspension system it is the best cheap electric bike that you can buy today.


What is the cost of an electric bicycle?

The cost of an electric bike depends upon the purpose for which it is built. Standard e-bikes including cruisers and commuters cost you somewhere between $400-$2000. Off-roading e-bikes are more powerful and faster than standard bikes and their cost varies between$1500-$4000. The price of the cargo bikes varies between 3000-$8000.

Why do e-bikes cost so much?

E-Bikes are so expensive as they use premium grade motors, batteries, and premium grade components. Ultra power batteries and motors come really expensive making the e-bikes pretty expensive.

How much does an e-bike battery cost?

Most of the e-bikes’ batteries cost between $300-$700. These batteries are used in standard e-bikes like cruisers and commuters. In heavy-duty e-bikes like MTBs and cargo bikes, the cost of the battery varies from a range of $800-$2000.

How fast is an electric bike?

Class 1 and class 2 electric bikes offer a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. These bikes are made for regular cycle pathways that are shared with traditional bikes. Class 3 e-bikes that utilize only pedal assistance offer a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

How long do Ebikes last?

The average life of an electric bike is 10 years. However, it can be longer or shorter depending upon the maintenance and riding applications. However, e-bikes use regular maintenance. Motors and batteries used in e-bikes have a limited lifespan and need a replacement once it is over. The average life of a battery is 5-6 years. Batteries last as long as 500 hours.

Do electric bikes charge as you ride?

E-bikes do not charge as you ride. The padel assistance help motor utilizes the battery energy to convert it into mechanical energy. You need to charge the built-in lithium-ion battery to travel on your e-bike.

Wrapping Up

So here is everything that you need to know about the cost of different electric bikes. I’m hopeful that this guide will help you understand why e-bikes are so expensive and how you can choose an electric bike that is in line with your needs and budget.

In the end, I will advise you not to choose a bike that is underpowered for your riding needs. If you choose a bike whose power doesn’t meet your riding needs, you won’t be able to get the best out of it. Its motor and battery will wear out quickly and you will have to pay even extra in terms of maintenance and replacement costs.

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