iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 Review

Updated on December 14, 2023

What else can be better evidence to prove the exceptional performance of the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 than the consistent demand for these bikes even after sixteen years of their making? If you are an e-bike lover, then it is impossible that you have never heard of the iGO e-bikes before. It is one of the best-value e-bikes that I have ever ridden to date. Don’t let the small build of this bike fool you, it is a small beast in disguise. The performance of this bike model by iGO has shocked many professional bikers.

It allows you to venture into nature freely. The strong hub-drive motor in these bikes can help you use this mountain as a complete mountain bike too. You don’t have to put too much effort or energy to push this bike on an uphill slope. If you are a fresher and in search of a good value, yet high-performance e-bike, then this third-generation bike by iGo might be the one that you have been looking for. Luckily, I have taken the liberty to bring to you the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 review. So, without further ado let’s sink into the details.

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 Review

What is iGO Electric Core Extreme 3?

The iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is a marvelous electric bike by one of the most dominating e-bike manufacturers. These amazing bikes are assembled in Montreal, to provide high-quality bikes to riders all around the world. Most electric-based bikes have high prices, but with the iGO Extreme 3, you don’t have to invest much in your love for biking. It has got all that you need to have in an e-bike, in order to have a hassle-free and fun ride.

This model by iGO has a modern style motor, strong and sturdy built, latest features, nice display, impressive storage options, and numerous e-modes. Since my first ride, this bike has never failed me. Whether it is heavy rain, drizzle, snow, wind, or sunny outside, I can always enjoy my therapeutic bike ride. These bikes can go smoothly on roads, bike trails, mountain climbs, sandy dunes, rocky hills, or on snowy lands. Still not sure about it? Keep reading to find out more about it.


Although, you must have become aware of the general features of this bike till now, here are the amazing advantages that this electric bike has to offer. There are an immense number of benefits of the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3. You don’t have to buy one, to get to know these. I have done it for you. Here are all the marvelous benefits of this marvelous e-bike. Scroll down to find out.

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1. It is an all-time and all-year bike. Didn’t understand? The iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is a complete package. It can help you fuel your love for biking in summers, winters, rain, or in storms. You don’t have to stay at night as you can freely go out riding this bike even when it is dark without worrying about visibility.

2. The most important thing in any e-bike is control. If the size of the bike is not compatible with the user, then riding such a bike becomes a backbreaking task. This bike allows the rider to adjust the seat and the handlebar to have the posture that you need for an enjoyable ride.

3. This model might have a small-looking build because of its low height. This usually mistakes many buyers about the bike not being able to provide a smooth ride on bumpy and uneven trails. In reality, this is not the case as the tires of these bikes give you a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough roads.

4. The battery and wiring of this bike are not exposed and are integrated in such a way that they are not exposed to environmental factors, such as rain, debris, impact, scratches, UV light, or stones. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go through a long process to get access to them while repairing.

5. The bike is manufactured while keeping freshers in mind, so the build is not only strong but also surprisingly stable. Unlike many other class 2 or beginners level bikes that are sometimes difficult to control, the iGO Core Extreme 3 is made up of durable metal, so you can ride it for years.

6. The tires as discussed earlier not only give height but also keep you safe. The base provided to the bike by these wide tires is really stable and reliable. You can alter the pressure in these tires to change the traction according to the road condition.

7. You can ride your bike at night with a light attached at the front and back to increase visibility in the dark.

8. You can switch to mechanical mode if you are in the mood for a good cardio session.


It would be a complete lie to say that this highly in-demand bike has no downfalls at all. Even after almost two decades after the introduction of this bike, it seems to be the favorite of most bikers because, in comparison to the advantages, the downfalls of this bike are very few. I have been using this model by iGO for years and it is one of the initial e-bikes that I had come across. Here are some of the downfalls that I have noticed while riding it.

1. The battery life of this e-bike is not as said by the makers. The battery doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to keep the rear hub going for a long ride. If you want to have long rides then it is best to keep an extra battery with you along the way.

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2. Another thing that I found a little problematic is a weight. Not all riders are affected by it, but if you are more into mountain climbing, then the extra weight of this bike might put additional pressure on you while climbing up a hill.

3. The recharging speed can be improved by providing an improved charger.

4. Another minor issue that I found is that the handlebar becomes a little unstable after some time, which might be happening because of the adjustable design.

Features Of The iGO Electric Core Extreme 3

1. Built

The first thing to notice in this e-bike is its build. The iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 has a thicker and lower frame. The frame is not similar to the light and sleek electric bikes that are available in a large number in the market. This e-bike is made up of an alloy of aluminum 6061. This alloy is not only durable but is also resistant to moisture and heat. This property makes the iGo Core 3 an all-year e-bike. The width of the bike makes it bear forceful impacts without much damage.

2. Rear Hub Drive Motor

The most important and essential part of an e-bike is the motor. An electric bike needs to have a powerful and low-maintenance motor that can be driven easily with a rechargeable battery. The motor that is used in iGO is a rear hub drive motor manufactured by Bafang. This powerful motor is attached to the rear tire. The hub rear motor has a power of 500 watts.

If you will use another more powerful battery than the one that comes with it by the makers then you can have a power of up to 750 watts. This motor is the main reason behind the easy uphill ride provided by this bike. The torque of this Bafang rear hub motor is around 80 Newton meters which act as an uphill pushing force for the bike. Thanks to this there is no need to invest in a separate mountain bike.

3. Suspension Fork

The suspension fork used in the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is an RST suspension fork. This suspension fork helps the rider to be safe in case of an impactful landing or while encountaring on-road obstacles. Instead of having either one, this suspension fork has both the lockout and preload features. So, you can have full control of the compression rate and rigidity of this suspension fork.

4. Battery Life

You can find many diverse electric bikes out there with longer battery life, but the price value of the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is what surprises me. There is no other brand that offers a battery life of eighty kilometers. The battery used is the Samsung 18650, which has a capacity of 650 Watt per hour. This battery is made up of lithium ions and can be charged easily in 5 hours.

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5. Other features

The list of the features of the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is very long. This amazing e-bike has many small features that make a lot of difference. The bike has a throttle which can help you give extra fuel to have a higher speed. Even if you are out of battery there is no need to worry as you can switch to mechanical mode whenever you like. Just press the switch and the connection of the battery and motor will be disconnected.

The handlebar can be adjusted to increase or decrease the height of the stem. The front tire has a metal fender which helps you avoid disturbing splashes. Above all, you can always stay equipped by having a backpack, thanks to the pannier rack at the back of the seat. In addition to the front light, this bike also has a rear light to keep you alert if there is any danger coming from the back.


Is iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 worth it?

Yes absolutely, the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 is one of the best electric bikes out there. They offer you a good price, build, and performance. If you are looking for an e-bike that doesn’t need much maintenance and is easy on the pocket, then this model is what you are looking for. It has a powerful motor, long battery life, stable handlebar, adjustable seat, dual modes, smooth paddle, and great suspension system.


Being a massive supporter of e-bikes, I was awestruck when I had my first ride on it. You can also have a fun ride with the iGO Electric Core Extreme 3, whether it is rain or shine. Looking for an all-rounder? This is it as the aluminum build seems to be unaffected by snow, dirt, rain, impact, or heat. You can adjust this marvelous model according to your own ease. I hope that this detailed iGO Electric Core Extreme 3 review will help you choose the best e-bike to quench your thirst for biking.

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