Should I Buy A 750 Watt Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have become a thing recently because they can help you travel faster and save time. Although people have mixed opinions about these bikes, I am personally a fan of them. They are expensive, have a solid build, and keep you stable throughout when you are on the road. I have written a detailed article so people can make a decision to invest or not in a 750-watt electric bike. All the benefits are also listed down below so you can invest your money in the right model.

Should I Buy A 750 Watt Electric Bike?

What Is An Electric Bike?

Before getting into the debate of whether to invest in a 750-watt electric bike or not, you should know what is an electric bike. Basically, electric bikes are also called e-bikes and they use an electric motor that helps them move faster. The size of the motor is different in all the models and has an effect on the performance. If you go for a 500-watt electric bike, then it will have a small motor that will have less battery life. Comparatively, a 750 watts electric bike uses a bigger motor and will help you stay stable and cover distances in less time.

Should I Buy A 750 Watt Electric Bike?

In my opinion, investing in a 750-watt electric bike can be your best bet as it has high speed and a solid build. You can cover long distances in less time as the battery works for a longer time. All the details about what is an electric bike and what are its advantages are discussed down below to support my first statement. The best 750-watt electric bike is also given in the end with a detailed review so you can get your hands on the model.

What Is A 750 Watt Electric Bike?

A 750-watt electric bike uses a bigger motor and keeps you stable. The battery life is longer than other electric bikes available on the market. It will help you stay stable and are energy efficient too. The e-bikes including the 750-watt electric bikes are all environmentally friendly options when compared with other means of transportation.

A 750-watt electric bike is neither overpowered nor underpowered and is ideal for daily use. You can travel from 28 to 35 miles per hour when riding a 750-watt electric bike. It is now legal to ride in most of the states in America. Let me discuss some of the benefits of a 750-watt e-bike down below so you can have a clear idea.

Benefits Of Having A 750 Watt Electric Bike

The benefits of riding a 750-watt electric bike are discussed down below so you can have a clear idea before making a purchase decision. You can go through them one by one to know the difference between a 750-watt e-bike and all the other models.

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A 750-watt electric bike has great speed and stability. It has a powerful motor that will help you cover almost 30 miles per hour. Initially, a 750-watt e-bike was not legal in many big countries including the United States of America but now the government has allowed people to use it daily. It is now legal as people prefer using this for covering short distances.

You can use this 750-watt electric bike for your grocery or pharmacy runs. It can save your time when compared with walking and is energy efficient too. You can cover 28 miles per hour when riding a bike on an uneven or bumpy road. Whereas you can ride this for almost 35 miles per hour when traveling on a smooth road. Hence the distance covered by the bike depends upon the routes you are traveling to.

Battery Life

The battery life of a 750-watt electric bike is exceptional. You can ride the electric bike continuously for more than 3 hours. This is great as you can cover short distances and even go to work on this bike if your office is located nearby. When the battery of the 750-watt e-bike is fully charged, it will help you travel for almost 85 miles which is amazing. This means that you can travel on this e-bike for 3 hours if using a smooth road.

The motor of the 750-watt bike is neither too big like a 1000-watt e-bike nor too small like a 500-watt electric bike. It has an average size and takes almost 5 to 7 hours to get charged properly. If you plan a morning ride on the bike, you can leave it to get charged overnight and use the e-bike in the morning. Hence the battery life is more than enough for you to go to nearby places.

Durable Construction

Although the electric bikes are extremely expensive and can break your bank account but is worth all the money. The materials used in the construction are extremely durable and provide stability. A 750-watt e-bike is ideal for both men and women. You can rely on this bike as it has a solid frame and is manufactured with high-quality materials. The top models are manufactured with high-quality aluminum and carbon.

The main reason that the bikes are expensive is that everything used in the construction is high quality. A 750-watt electric bike has to be durable so you can cover a hiking trail or travel through an uneven trail without worrying about it. It can withstand all your weight and helps you pass the bumpy areas too. Hence a 750- watt e-bike is a one-time investment that can work well for years if taken care of.


One of the benefits of using the 750-watt e-bike is that it has better suspension. When compared with a 500-watt e-bike, it is more stable and has big wheels too. These can provide incredible support as they are less bouncy. They are fixed and stable and make sure that you can ride comfortably in all conditions. Hence if you want to have smooth and relaxing early morning rides, then investing in a 750-watt electric bike would be a great idea.

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Suitable for All Terrains

As mentioned above, a 750-watt e-bike is suitable for riding on all kinds of roads. This is the reason they have a strong build and are made with high-quality carbon and aluminum. You can ride at the speed of 35 miles per hour on a plain road whereas you can cover 28 miles per hour on an uneven road. The motor used in a 750-watt electric bike is far more powerful and helps you get through every kind of road.

Bikes of 1000 to 6000-watt are available in the market but they are not legal which leaves behind the 750-watt electric bike to be the most powerful e-bike that you can ride on any road or trail. It keeps you stable and provides incredible support during your short trips. Hence I would recommend using this bike on a daily basis as it is energy efficient too.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

The best 750-watt electric bike in my opinion is the VELOWAVE Electric Bike. It comes with a 750W BAFANG motor and can help you ride for more than 30 miles per hour which is amazing. This is definitely an expensive model but is worth all your money. This bike by VELOWAVE has fat tires that make sure you have some support during your rides. They help you stay stable especially when you are passing through a rough patch or an uneven surface.

When we look at the design of this VELOWAVE electric bike, it is more towards the modern side. It comes in black color and has a silver chain. The company’s name is printed on the tube which is clearly visible. The motor is located at the side of the back wheel. You can ride with the pedals or use the motor to cover the distances. A 10-watt LED light can be noticed right at the top of the front wheel. Overall, this bike by VELOWAVE is visually appealing and has a very classy look.

As mentioned above, a 750-watt e-bike uses a powerful motor and the same is the case with the VELOWAVE electric bike. It has an incredible motor that can work well and makes sure you have a smooth riding experience. The quality and build are up to the mark and the manufacturer claims that this model is UL certified. Hence it is a reliable model that makes sure all the riders are safe when riding this electric bike by VELOWAVE.

Now coming to the battery life, this 750-watt e-bike has a removable 48 volts battery. This feature makes the bike highly convenient as you can carry the battery along and charge it whenever in need. You do not need to have a proper setup in your parking lot or the garage to charge this bike. The battery can be charged in your room overnight and you can fix it back in the morning.

The suspension of the VELOWAVE electric bike is highly durable. You get an LCD screen that shows all the details when you are riding the bike. It has hydraulic brakes that are more responsive and reliable when compared with others. This reduces the risk of any road accidents and is great for your safety too. Moreover, the height of the seat can be adjusted according to your comfort level. You do not have to sit and ride at the same level at which the seat is fixed.

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As this e-bike is manufactured with strong and durable materials, it can withstand a weight of almost 300 pounds. This electric bike can be used by everyone who is above 18 years old but preferably is made for people having a height of 5 feet 5 inches or more. The company covers the customers and offers a 365-day warranty in case of any damage to the battery or the charger. You can claim if the battery, motor, or charger is not working fine within the first year.


Are 750 watts good for an electric bike?

Yes, a 750-watt motor is great for an electric bike as it has perfect power. It can help you stay stable and is energy efficient too. You just have to charge the battery for 5 to 6 hours before you head out to run some errands around the city. This is the highest-powered electric bike that is legal in the United States of America.

How fast does a 750-watt e-bike go?

As we all might be aware of the fact, e-bikes are suitable for riding on different tracks. This can cover almost 35 miles per hour when you are traveling on a smooth road. Whereas, you can ride this bike for 28 miles per hour if going on an uneven trail. The speed depends upon the road/path you are following with your e-bike.

How fast does a 1000w electric bike go?

The 1000 watts electric bike can easily cover almost 100 km/h when going on a smooth surface. If you are traveling through an uneven road, this can cover more or less 80 km/h. Hence whatever might be the speed, 1000 watts is not legal to ride in the United States of America because of safety concerns.


A detailed article on a 750-watt electric bike is given above for your convenience. You can read all the benefits of using this high-powered e-bike. This bike is ideal for people who like to ride to cover short distances. High-quality materials are used in manufacturing that makes sure that you are stable and safe while riding. I hope this article will help you have a clear idea about the 750-watt e-bike and the distance it can cover.

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