How to Keep Hitch Bike Rack from Swaying?

A Hitch bike rack is a suitable and flexible rack, which allows you to carry your bike along with your car without any hassle. The best thing about using the hitch bike rack is that it easily loads and unloads the bike in just a few minutes. It is quite a comfortable and reliable product that a person can use for loading purposes. Sometimes, you may hear a disturbing voice from the rack while you are driving the car.

That rattling or disturbing sound must be from a swaying bike, which may be caused due to the wrong installation of the hitch bike rack. Too much swaying can even damage your bike and obviously, at the same time, it will worry the driver. The swaying and wobbling of the bike may be because of the wrong installation of the hitch clamp, which provides a continuous vibration of the hitch rack. Well, follow the article to know how to keep the hitch bike rack from swaying so as to have a smooth loading experience.

How To Keep Hitch Bike Rack From Swaying

The constant back-and-forth movement of the bike creates a rattling sound, which even disturbs the driver while driving. The continuous wobbling and vibration sound of the hitch rack makes the driver insecure and he worries about the rack swaying. The main reason for swaying is that the hitch is not properly fixed and it requires it to be fixed or installed properly in order to prevent the hitch bike rack from swaying.

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For lifting and loading your bike you can use a hitch bike rack, which prevents damaging your car rooftop. Many people carry their bikes along with them by loading them on top of their car, which causes scratches and damages the roof of the car. Once I was going for a road trip and thanks to the hitch bike rack through which I easily carried my bike along with me without damaging the external surface of the car.

The only thing that worries people is the continuous swaying of the hitch bike rack. Once this problem gets solved you can easily load the bike without facing any vibration or tottering sound. Here, you will get to know the reasons for the bike swaying so that you can fix it instantly without any problem. In this article, you will get to know ways through which you can prevent swaying or trembling in order to experience a smooth bike load.

Causes Of Hitch Bike Rack To Sway

To prevent or to keep a hitch bike rack from saying you need to know the causes and reasons first. While you are enjoying a smooth road trip by listening to your favorite music, eventually the annoying sound of swaying can easily provoke anger. The wobble sound will disturb you during the whole road trip, which must be quite irritating. Now, what should a person do during this situation?

Before you know the ways to prevent this irritating sound you need to know what actually causes it. Sometimes it is the slop, which keeps on moving the hitch rack in and out and produces a distracting sound. The tow bar keeps on moving and sliding, which causes the extra vibration and swaying of a bike. The best way to overcome this problem is to fix your hitch bike rack accurately again.

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Ways To Stop Hitch Bike Rack From Swaying

You must be very curious to know the ways how to keep the hitch bike rack from swaying. This is an easy task yet quite technical. The only way you can prevent the hitch bike rack from wobbling and swaying is to use a hitch clamp, which will prevent the slop from moving and vibrating inside.

Also, anti-rattle devices are available in the market which keep the hitch bike rack from swaying and allow a smooth and comfortable bike loading experience. It is very important that you fix the hitch clamp accurately so that you do not face swaying problems again.

1. Hitch Clamp

The first method of preventing the hitch bike rack from swaying is to use a hitch clamp, which smoothly connects the rack with the car. The hitch clamp is actually a type of U-shape bolt, which consists of stainless steel plate, nuts, and washers that easily get fixed into the car and connect the rack properly. The hitch clamp prevents the tow bar movement and hence keeps the hitch bike rack from swaying.

2. Anti-rattle Hitch

The anti-rattle hitch is a heavy-duty tightener, which joins the hitch bike rack and car precisely. Also, there are anti-rattle kits available, which reduce wobbling and trembling sounds if properly fixed. You just have to make sure that you properly fix and tighten it to get rid of the rattling sound.


How do you stabilize a hitch carrier?

To stabilize the hitch carrier, you can use different fixing connectors like hitch clamp and anti-rattle hitch.

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How do you fix a wobbly hitch?

To fix and prevent wobbly hitches you can simply tighten the hitch nuts properly.

What is a hitch stabilizer?

The hitch stabilizer basically prevents the racks from wobbling and swaying by providing stability to them.


I hope that this article has helped you to know the reasons for swaying racks. Now, by just following the steps precisely you can fix your hitch bike rack tightly along with your car in order to prevent disturbing sound. Well, by just fixing the hitch clamps and anti-rattle clips you can load your bike easily from one to another without worrying about the bike swaying.

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