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You’ve reached the page for tricycles on our site. Tricycles are great if you want a healthy and entertaining mode of transportation. Tricycles have three wheels rather than two, making them easier to balance and more stable than bicycles. They are also a fun and healthy way to get around town and accomplish other tasks. You’ll find a wide selection of tricycles here that can be customised to your exact specifications.

Types of tricycles:

There are specialised tricycles for adults that are easier to balance and more stable than a standard bicycle. Their wider seats, step-through frames, and low centres of gravity all contribute to their superior stability. Many also have racks or baskets to make it easier to transport groceries and other items.

Tricycles for kids are a fun and safe way to get kids started on two wheels. The wheels are typically smaller, and the overall design is straightforward, making them ideal for young riders. Moreover, a hand brake and a safety flag are standard equipment on some models.

E-trikes, or electric tricycles, are powered by a battery-operated motor that helps the rider out by making it easier to pedal. They are a fantastic choice for cyclists who wish to travel great distances or speeds without tiring. The rider can choose their pace without having to crank the pedals on many models thanks to a throttle.

Tricycles that fold up are a great choice for riders who need to take their bike on the subway or in the trunk of a car. Since they fold up, they’re convenient for transport and storage.

Features to consider:

Materials for the frame: Tricycle frames can be fashioned from metals like aluminium and steel, or even lightweight composites like carbon fibre. There are benefits and drawbacks to each material that you should weigh carefully.

The wheel diameter of a tricycle can range from 16 inches up to 26 inches. It is easier to travel over bumps and uneven ground with wheels that are larger in diameter.

Tricycles’ braking systems can range from coaster brakes to hand brakes to a hybrid of the two. Coaster brakes are simpler to operate, but hand brakes offer more control and safety.

Many tricycles have extras like baskets, lights, mirrors, and fenders. Look for tricycles that either already have the features you need or can be easily modified to meet your needs.


There’s a tricycle out there for everyone, whether they want to use it for commuting or for recreational riding. Hopefully, you’ve learned more about the options for tricycles and what to look for on this page. Have a look at what we have and pick out the perfect tricycle for you!